Quotes from The One With Phoebe's Wedding

Phoebe: You've always been sorta like a dad to me. I mean, y'know, you've always looked out for me and shared your wisdom....
Joey: I am pretty wisdomous.

Monica: Steel drums don't really say elegant wedding... nor does Marjorie's overwhelming scent.
Phoebe: Hey, she will shower when Tibet is free.

Ross: I was goin' for a handshake.
Mike: Is that why your hand is pressed against my crotch?
Ross: That is why.

Chandler: This is like figure skating team all over again... I mean synchronized swimming... I mean... I mean the balance beam. Help me.
Ross: Football!
Chandler: Thank you.

Ross: It's a wedding. It'll be weird if I'm not in it.

Phoebe: Listen, Mike, if you were Swedish and you were saying the word "lorkins," what flower would that be?
Mike: Orchids?
Phoebe: Right there! That's why I'm marring you.

Mike: Thanks for all the wedding night advice. That didn't make me uncomfortable at all.

Phoebe: Help me.
Monica: What?
Phoebe: I want you to be crazy bitch again.
Monica: Really? You really want me to come back?
Phoebe: More than I want to get married.

Chandler: He can sense my fear! My throat is exposed!

Chandler: Is it okay that I want you to wear that headset in bed tonight?
Monica: I have you scheduled for nudity at 23:00 hours.

Chandler: Aren't you gonna be cold?
Phoebe: I don't care. I'll... I'll be my something blue.

Phoebe: We got married! Could someone get me a coat? I'm friggin' freezing.

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