Quotes from The One With Princess Consuela

Ross: Guess what happened at work today?
Chandler: A dinosaur died a million years ago?
Ross: Uh, try 65 millions years ago, then try shhh.

Phoebe: Joey, you can't make someone do something they don't want to do. Believe me, there's something I've been trying to get Mike to do in bed, and he just...
Mike: Whoah, whoah, hey, hey! Can we not talk about that now?
Phoebe: Okay... prude.

Phoebe: Meet Princess Conseula Banana-Hammock.

Chandler: Ooh, Israeli champagne. And it's vanilla.
Ross: I got tenure, I didn't win the lottery.

Joey: You come with me and you tell 'em that the house is haunted.
MacKenzie: What are you, eight?
Joey: Okay, let's hear your great idea.
MacKenzie: I don't have any great ideas. I am eight.

Joey: You know I'm afraid of little girl ghosts!

Mike: Do you even know what a banana hammock is?
Phoebe: It's a funny word.
Mike: It's a Speedo.
Phoebe: Oh, crap.

Chandler: My time machine works!

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