Quotes from The One With Rachel's Going Away Party

Monica: Oh my God, I have nothing left to teach you.

Monica: Stop staring at them.
Ross: She brought them up.

Monica: Ross, she's giving us our baby. She can eat you if she wants.

Chandler: We're taking a break.
Monica: From?
Chandler: Jumping on the bed.

Chandler: I can be kinky. I once did a naked dance for her with scarves.
Ross: Bumming hard, guys, bumming hard.

Chandler: She's been such a big part of my life. It feels like when Melrose Place got cancelled. I mean... ah, forget it, I miss Melrose Place!

Phoebe: In six months the statute of limitations runs out and I can travel internationally again!

Rachel: I'm gonna throw this away, but thank you so much for the gesture.

Chandler: Rachel... with handcuffs... interesting.
Monica: Joey's bare ass!
Chandler: Well played.

Phoebe: Please don't turn into French bitch.

Ross: Oh, no, she took down Monica. And I'm the crier in the family.

Chandler: You don't really handcuff guys to water pipes, do you?
Phoebe: Where do you think Mike really is?

Ross: What?! I don't get a goodbye?
Joey: Lucky bastard.

Phoebe: Ross, if you're this upset you should go and talk to her.
Monica: And say what? "You owe me a goodbye?" He's got more pride than that.
Ross: The hell I do!

Monica: Remember, if I am harsh with you, it's only because you are doing it wrong.

Monica: Nana liked it rough!

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