Quotes from The One With Ross's Grant

Ross: Phoebs, what's wrong?
Phoebe: I'm just so exhausted from dragging around this huge engagement ring.

Joey: Here's to Phoebe, who's found the greatest guy in the world. To Phoebe and... I wanna say Mike? To Phoebe and Mike!

Rachel: I think I'm okay. Why don't you give it to one of your other single girlfriends.
Phoebe: I would, but you're the last one.

Rachel: Guy in van?
Phoebe: Ah, my first love.

Chandler: I should have given you guys my black book when I got married... although it wasn't so much a book as a napkin... with Janice's phone number on it.

Rachel: Phoebe, isn't Jethro Tull a band?
Phoebe: Oh yes they are.

Chandler: I don't want to brag, but a lot of the ideas were mine. Hell, you weren't there. All the ideas were mine!

Ross: Is there anything I can do to butter him up? Anything he really likes?
Charlie: He does have a pretty serious latex fetish.
Ross: We'll see how dinner goes.

Chandler: If I suggest him, my bosses are gonna think I'm an idiot, and that's something they should learn on their own.

Ross: Are you serious?
Benjie: If you say yes, then I'm serious, if you say no, then I'm joking.
Ross: No.
Benjie: Joking it is.

Joey: Now, what do you say?
Chandler: Lying is wrong.
Joey: And? And!
Chandler: I'm a pretty little girl.
Phoebe: I knew it.

Ross: Okay, that's it, we are seeing other people.

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