Quotes from The One With the Late Thanksgiving

Phoebe: Happy Needless Turkey Murder Day!

Monica: I don't get older, I just get better.

Ross: Let's just stay for one more goal.
Joey: I don't know...
Ross: One more fight.
Joey: Okay.
Ross: Okay.

Ross: I got mugged and they stole my pocket.

Phoebe: It's locked.
Ross: Oh, sure, now they lock it, but when they're having sex on the couch it's like, "Come on in, my butt is surprisingly hairy!"

Chandler: The floating heads do make a good point.

Joey: Hurry! I can't feel my ears!
Chandler: Can you ever feel your ears?
Joey: Interesting.

Monica: Chandler, where are your tools?
Chandler: Oh, I left them on my bulldozer. I don't have tools!

Monica: Thanksgiving is over! The vein has spoken.

Monica: This Thanksgiving kicks last Thanksgiving's ass!

Rachel: To Monica and Chandler... and that knocked-up girl in Ohio.

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