Quotes from
The One with Chandler's Work Laugh

"C'mon, honey, let's go drink our body weight." -Doug

"Everybody at work loved you last night." -Chandler
"Really?" -Monica
"And they like me more just because I was with you. I think you repaired a lot of the damage from when they met Joey." -Chandler

"I don't like work-Chandler, okay? The guy's a suck-up." -Monica
"Okay, well you know what? Because you said that I'm not puttin' out tonight." -Chandler

"Hey, look, I know what you guys are gonna say." -Ross
"You two would have very hairy children." -Phoebe
"Okay, I didn't know you would say that." -Ross

"So you're saying that I've become so whiny that I annoy you...Janice." -Ross
"Well, yeah." -Janice
"OH MY GOD." -Ross

"Well, I guess that's two out of three...Joey." -Janice

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