Quotes from
The One with Joey's Big Break

"Let's go, Blinky." -Monica to Rachel

"Which do you like better, peanut butter or egg-whites?" -Phoebe
"Peanut butter." -Joey
"Which would you rather be, a fireman or a swimmer?" -Phoebe
"A swimmer." -Joey
"Who would you rather sleep with, Monica or Rachel?" -Phoebe
"Monica. Oh. I always thought it'd be Rachel." -Joey
"No thinking, no thinking! Tie or ascot?" -Phoebe
"Ascot." -Joey
"North route or south route?" -Phoebe
"North route." -Joey
"Bam! There you go." -Phoebe

"I am sorry about the 'fat-ass' thing, 'cause you actually have a very sweet little hiney." -Phoebe to Ross

"Oh my God, you really are freakishly strong!" -Rachel to Monica

"Don't say I'm sorry with porn." -Phoebe to Chandler

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