Quotes from
The One with the Yeti

"Aren't you supposed to be at an audition for another hour?" -Chandler
"Well, I'm sorry I'm not a middle-aged black-woman! And I'm also sorry if sometimes I go to the wrong audition." -Joey

"Ross, you can't put up flyers in here." -Gunther
"How come? Everybody else does?" -Ross
"You can't." -Gunther

"So basically this is the getting-rid-of-anything-Rachel-ever-touched sale." -Monica
"Touched, used, sat on, slept on...." -Ross
"I'll take it all." -Gunther

"Everything's gettin' all messed up, y'know? Emily won't let Ross see Rachel, we're not gonna stop seeing Rachel, hence Ross stops seeing us." -Joey
"Oh, I hate this. Everything's changing." -Phoebe
"Yeah, I know. We're losing Ross, Joey said 'hence....'" -Chandler

"I've been given the gift of time!" -Joey
"That's so funny, 'cause last Christmas I got the gift of space. We should get them together and make a continuum." -Chandler

"Phoebe, honey.... Honey, I know you're quirky, and I get a big kick out of it, we all do, actually, but if you destroy a coat like this, that is like a crime against nature. Not nature... fashion!" -Rachel

"Okay, what is in here, rocks?" -Chandler
"Oh no, this is my collection of fossil samples." -Ross
"So, rocks." -Chandler

"Okay, I admit it! I love this coat, okay. It's the best thing I've ever had wrapped around me, including Joe Huntley." -Phoebe

"Phebes, are you wearing fur?" -Ross
"Okay, let's get some perspective, people! It's not like I'm wearing a seeing-eye-dog coat." -Phoebe

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