Quotes from
The One Where Ross Moves In

"But you have to promise me you will let us know the second you are feeling better so that we can make fun of your hair." -Chandler

"So he's not inviting you to his party because he likes you." -Monica
"Exactly." -Rachel

"You fake laughing too, right?" -Joey
"Oh, the tears are real." -Chandler

"What are you doing?" -Chandler
"Nothing." -Joey
"You built a fort, didn't you?" -Chandler
"Kinda." -Joey

"Maybe... maybe we did a good thing, helping Ross get back on his feet." -Joey
"Yes, that was a nice place." -Chandler
"Yeah." -Joey
"Not a lot of closet space, but he could just hang his stuff out the window in a bag." -Chandler

"He has a big huge dog... that barks into the night. (pause) Well, who doesn't love dogs? (pause) He's a tap-dancer! (pause) Yes, some would say that is a lost art. (pause) He's a pimp! (pause) There you go, yes, he's a pimp. He's a big tap-dancing pimp." -Chandler

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