Quotes from
The One Where Chandler Can't Cry

Phoebe: "You know what's sadder than this? Bambi. I cried for three days withthat movie. No, wait, two, 'cause on the third day my mother killed herself, so I was partly crying for that."

Chandler: "You didn't get more movies that are gonna have us reaching for the tissues all night, did you?"

Chandler: "Phoebe Buffay in 'Buffay the Vampire Layer.'"

Monica: "I don't care if you can't cry, I love you."
Chandler: "Oh, that makes me feel so warm in my hollow tin chest."

Phoebe: "Stop using my name! And shame on you, and shame on all of you, you're disgusting! Especially you with that!"

Rachel: "Well, thank you for taking your tongue out my sister's mouth long enough for you to tell me that."

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