Quotes from The One with the Unagi

Rachel: "So, making things, that sounds so much fun."
Chandler: "Yeah, I thought so too until I paper-mached one of my eyes shut."

Rachel: "Wait a minute. That is my sock!"
Phoebe: "Now it's your little bunny friend."

Monica to Chandler: "You know, your birthday's in a month and a half. What do you say I forget to get you a present for that too?"

Chandler: "It's like that old saying, have sex, eat some cake."

Carl: "Hey, can I get a little piece of that cake?"
Joey: "Pizza! We like pizza! Get out!"

Monica to Chandler: "Continuing the count-down of your favorite meals. Tonight, number three: macaroni and cheese with cut-up hot dogs."

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