Quotes from The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad

Chandler: "Are you judging them by their covers? 'Cause you're really not supposed to do that."

Ross: "Hey, what are you guys doing later?"
Phoebe: "Oh, Rachel and I have appointments to get our hair cut."
Rachel: "We do?"
Phoebe: "I want to see what he wants first."

Ross: "Two guys go into a bar. One of them' Irish..."
Paul: "I'm Irish."
Ross: "...and the Irish guy wins the joke."

Monica: "Is there a Mrs. Stevens?"
Chandler: "There's a Mr. Bing."

Rachel: "Ross really is a great guy."
Paul: "Well, maybe you could date him then. That would save me the trouble of killing him."

Rachel: "He lost his keys so he was looking for them...."
Ross: "In your mouth?"

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