Quotes from The One with Ross's Teeth

"...just come by at lunch so that my boss doesn't see you, 'cause Kim will just freak out and she already doesn't like me very much." -Rachel
"That's weird, I don't think my boss likes me either." -Chandler
"I don't think mine likes me either." -Monica
"Maybe it's a universal thing." -Ross
"Or maybe it's because you're all hanging around here at 11:30 on a Wednesday." -Joey

"What am I supposed to do, ask every guy I make out with if he's married?! No, yeah, I should, I should...." -Phoebe

"And what is with the really hot stick in the bathroom?" -Joey
"It's a curling iron." -Janine
"Well, that's okay then. But, okay, my towels, for instance. Okay, I come into the bathroom here, and my towel is not on the floor where I keep it. It's up here, on some hook, and smells different." -Joey
"It's clean." -Janine
"Well, it feels different." -Joey
"It's dry." -Janine
"All right, I can make my peace with the clean dry towels." -Joey

"What was wrong with your old, human teeth?" -Chandler to Ross

"I can't believe Phoebe made out with Ralph Lauren. Oh, I'm so jealous!" -Monica
"Hi, I'm Chandler, your live-in boyfriend." -Chandler

"I feel like I've really gotten in touch with feminine side enough for today, in fact, I think we're two sachets away from becoming a lesbian couple." -Chandler to Monica

"Hey, Chandler, come on in, we're knittin' pot holders." -Joey
"No thanks, Josephine." -Chandler

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