Quotes from The One Where Ross Got High

"It'll be okay, because when they come over, I will be all charming, I will make them fall in love with me, and then we'll tell 'em." -Chandler
"You really think that'll work?" -Monica
"Hey, I can be pretty charming, babe. Won you over, didn't I?" -Chandler
"I don't think you'll ever get my parents that drunk." -Monica

"How you got three women to marry you, I'll never know." -Joey to Ross

"Ross sure is a great guy. You know, I've always felt that how a young man turns out is a reflection on his father." -Chandler
"I always thought that too. Tell, me, what does your father do?" -Mr. Geller
"He's a head-liner of a gay burlesque show." -Chandler

"It tastes like feet." -Ross

"Oh my God, he dream-cheated on you!" -Rachel to Phoebe

"Mom, Dad, remember that time you walked in my room and smelled marijuana?" -Ross
"Yes." -Mr. & Mrs. Geller looking at Chandler
"Well I told you it was Chandler who was smoking the pot, but it was me. I'm sorry." -Ross
"It was you?" -Mrs. Geller
"And dad, you know that mail-man you got fired? He didn't steal your Playboys, Ross did." -Monica
"Yeah, well, hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing, Monica did." -Ross
"Ross hasn't worked at the museum in a year!" -Monica
"Monica and Chandler are living together!" -Ross
"Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced... again!" -Monica
"I love Jacques Cousteau!" -Phoebe
"I wasn't supposed to put peas in a trifle." -Rachel
"I wanna go!" -Joey
"That's a lot of information to get in thirty seconds. All right, Joey, if you wanna leave, just leave. Rachel, no, you weren't supposed to put peas in the trifle. It did not taste good. Phoebe, I'm sorry, but I think Jacques Cousteau is dead. Monica, why you felt you had to hide the fact that you had an important relationship is beyond me." -Mrs. Geller
"And we kinda figured about the porch swing." -Mr. Geller
"Ross. Drugs. Divorced... again." -Mrs. Geller

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