Summary of The One on the Last Night

It's the night before Rachel's movers are supposed to arrive, and she hasn't finished packing yet. She tells Monica that it's a going-away present for her, 'cause she knows how much Monica likes to pack. Monica gets all jazzed up and tries to rope everyone else into helping. Phoebe can't find a good excuse to get out of it, but Chandler and Joey say they need to spend their last night as roommates together, and Ross says Ben is coming over (lies). As they're packing, Monica and Rachel start getting all wistful about leaving each other. Phoebe reminds them that they had bad experiences as roommates too, and they start to recall all of them. They end up fighting, and Rachel refuses to move out, telling Monica that she should move out since she's the one that wants to move in with Chandler. Monica reminds Rachel that it's her apartment. Rachel tries to pack Monica's stuff, and they end up chasing each other around the apartment. Phoebe suddenly declares that she doesn't want to live with Rachel anymore if this what being roommates with her is like. Rachel says that's fine, 'cause she's not moving anyway. Monica says that Phoebe has to take her, and Rachel's actually a good roommate. Pheobe tells Monica to prove it, and Monica tells her all the nice things that Rachel has done for her over the years. Once again the two roommates are weeping with each other remembering the good times.

Chandler is worried about Joey being able to pay his bills after Chandler moves out, so Chandler offers Joey money. Joey doesn't want charity. On their last night in their apartment together, Chandler proposes that they play foosball for money. Joey reminds Chandler that Chandler never wins, and Chandler says it'll be fun to play anyway. Joey has won $500 off Chandler, when Chandler decides to make the next shot a $1000 sudden death. Joey drops the ball, and shoots, while Chandler munches on Chinese food. The ball goes cruising towards Chandler's goal, careens off the wall, and goes straight into Joey's goal. Chandler tries to find another way to sneak Joey money, so he invents a card game called Cups. Joey miraculously wins $1500 at Cups, but then loses it to Ross playing Cups again. Chandler can't believe it, and just straight out offers Joey the money again, but Joey insists that he'll be all right, and he'll just miss Chandler, not Chandler's money.

To keep from having to help pack Rachel, Ross said that Ben was coming over, but he wasn't really. So he goes back to his apartment and builds a fake Ben with a pumpkin as a head. He calls Monica, tells her that Ben is there, and Monica looks through the window to confirm it. Later that night, Ross is reading on his couch, and Monica looks over and freaks out. She calls, Ross picks up the phone, and then looks over and realizes why Monica is freaking out. The pumpkin fell off the fake body. He tries to pretend that Ben was just hiding his head in his shirt, but then gives up and goes to help pack.

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