Summary of The One with Ross's Teeth

Ross bleaches his teeth in anticipation of a date with one of Monica's co-workers, but they're so bright that they're scary. He manages to make it through the date by mmmm-hmmming a lot and covering his mouth when he has to speak, and he thinks he's home free when his date turns out the lights, but she turns on a black light to show off her neon art and is horrified when Ross's teeth are brighter than her her art.

Joey's roommate Janine starts to girlify the apartment, and Chandler tells Joey that he must fight it. Joey puts up a valiant effort, but then starts to appreciate the clean dry towels and the pot-pourri and the art and the cute little boxes that don't hold anything and the dried flowers and knitting.... Chandler freaks out and makes Joey see how much he's turned into a woman. Joey tells Janine that the girly stuff has to go from the living room, but asks her if they could put it in his room.

Phoebe, using Rachel's copy machine at work, makes out with someone in the copy room who she thinks is Ralph Lauren. Rachel, trying to make nice with her boss Kim who hates her, passes on the story in the elevator, but then finds out that Phoebe fell for Kenny the copy guy's story that he was Ralph Lauren. Rachel tries to take it back, but by this time Kim has found out that Rachel's was the only key card used in the copy room the day before, and she thinks Rachel is trying to sleep her way to the top no matter how many times Rachel says that it didn't happen and it wasn't her. When Ralph Lauren completely ignores Rachel on the elevator, Kim interprets it as sexual tension. The next day, Rachel realizes the only way to make Kim think Rachel's not gunning for Kim's job is to pull a sob story, and say Ralph Lauren dumped her. Kim doesn't believe her, until Ralph Lauren gets on the elevator again and completely ignores Rachel, which Kim interprets as him giving Rachel the cold shoulder. Kim comforts Rachel, and tells her that she went through the same thing with Kenny the copy guy once.

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