Summary of The One Where Ross Got High

As Monica is preparing for Thanksgiving with her parents, Chandler finds out Monica never told them he was living with her because her parents hate him. He tries to be charming and redeem himself in their eyes, but he can't seem to do anything right. Finally, Ross admits to Chandler that when they were in college, his parents busted him smoking pot and he blamed it on Chandler. Monica tells Ross that has to tell their parents the truth, and when he won't, she tattles on him, leading to a war of reveals in which Ross and Monica's parents find out much more than they wanted to about their children.

Janine invites Ross and Joey to join her and some of her dancer friends uptown for Thanksgiving. When they run over to Monica's and say that they're ditching Thanksgiving there, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica say that that's totally unacceptable and they have to stay. So Ross and Joey try to rush along dinner so that they can finish and then go uptown. Rachel is making a traditional English dessert that she found in a magazine: trifle. However, the pages of the magazine are stuck together, and she makes half a trifle and half a shepherd's pie. Ross and Joey figure this out, but don't want to tell her because they just want to get dessert over with and get uptown, so they convince everyone to pretend to like it. Everyone makes a valiant effort to enjoy the ladyfingers, jam, custard, bananas, beef, and peas but eventually Rachel figures out that she screwed up. Only Joey actually likes the dessert.

Phoebe has started to have sexual dreams about Ross and Monica's father, and sees him in a whole new light, until he cheats on her in her dreams and then she only has eyes for Jacques Cousteau.

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