Quotes from
The One With All the Cheesecakes

Phoebe: I have dinner plans with Joey. We get together about once a month to discuss the rest of you guys.
Ross: Wow, did not know that. May I say how lovely you look today?
Phoebe: Duly noted.

Phoebe: Oh, here's Joseph Francis!
Joey: Oh, whoah, what are you middle-naming me for?

Joey: You can cancel plans with friends if there's a possibility for sex.

Chandler: Where do you want to go to lunch?
Rachel: Mama's Little Bakery, Chicago, Illinois?

Ross: She's an assistant professor in the linguistics department, tall, very beautiful, and despite what some people say, not broad backed.

Chandler: I'm full, and yet I know if I stop eating this, I'll regret it.

Rachel: We're gonna split it. You take half and I take half.
Chandler: Well, that's not fair, you've already had some.
Rachel: Well, oh, then, you know what? I think Monica would be very interested to know that you called her cheesecake dry and mealy.
Chandler: What do we use to the split it?

Monica: Why wouldn't you want me at your wedding? What could I have possibly done? Stuart.
Frannie: I believe you know my husband.
Ross: So, it's really a question of who could you have possibly done.

Joey: You could always visit him.
Phoebe: Oh, right, like they're gonna let me have a passport.

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