Quotes from
The One Where They're Up All Night

Tag: Hey, I wonder if you can see my apartment from up here.
Rachel: No, no you can't.
Tag: What?
Rachel: I... I don't know.

Monica: Chandler's getting chilly.
Chandler: No, I'm not!
Joey: Then why are you wearing Monica's jacket?
Chandler: Because it's flattering!

Chandler: Monica?
Monica: She's sleeping.

Ross: It'll be just like bungie jumping, but instead of bouncing back up, you won't.

Tag: How could I have left them in the copy room?
Rachel: I don't know, Tag. How could your genitals make phone calls? Okay? It's not a perfect world.

Phoebe: Okay, this is where you and I part ways... noisy bitch.

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