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The One with Joey's Award

Rachel: Oh my God, I can't go, I'll be too nervous.
Monica: I'll go!
Rachel: No! You're getting married, this is all I have.

Ross: I like women, in spite of what may be written on the backs of some of these chairs.

Phoebe: I just like him so much that I just feel like I've had ten drinks today... and I've only had six.
Monica: Wow. You know, I haven't had that feeling since I first started going out with Chandler. Wow. I'm never gonna have that feeling again, am I?
Phoebe: You sounds like a guy.
Monica: No, a guy would be saying, "I'm never gonna get to sleep with anyone else." Oh my God, I'm never gonna get to sleep with anyone else!

Joey: How'd you get over that teacher?
Rachel: I didn't. I got under him.

Rachel: If you win, you have to hug me. Hug me.
Joey: Okay. Can I squeeze your ass?
Rachel: On TV? Yeah.
Joey: Okay.

Rachel: Oh my God, you stole her award.
Joey: No, no, no, I'm accepting it on her behalf.
Rachel: I don't think you know what "behalf" means.
Joey: Sure I do. It's a verb. As in "I be half-in' it."

Rachel: Do you really want an award that you didn't win?
Joey: No, I want an award that I did win, but nobody's giving me any of those!

Monica: Sometimes it bothers me that I'm never gonna have that feeling... you know, when you meet someone for the first time and it's new and exciting. You know that rush?
Chandler: No. No, see, when I first meet somebody it's usually panic, anxiety and a great deal of sweating.

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