Quotes from
The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin

Joey: The director is supposed to be the next next Martin Scorsese.
Phoebe: The next next?
Joey: Yeah, there's this guy from Chicago, supposed to be the next Martin Scorsese, right, but then this guy's right after him.

Joey: They want me to be totally naked in the movie.
Monica: Wow.
Joey: I know, my grandmother's gonna see this.
Phoebe: Grandma's gonna have to get in line.

Rachel: Flowers or balloons?
Phoebe: Both!
Rachel: We're paying for this, you know.
Phoebe: Neither.

Monica: Chandler!
Ross: I'll be right with you.

Leslie: An Italian Catholic immigrant at this time would not be...
Joey: Barmitvahed?

Monica: So, to get this part you can't be...
Joey: No.
Monica: But you are?
Joey: Yeah.
Monica: But you told them you weren't.
Joey: That's right.

Rachel: Are you making him a sandwich?
Monica: Uh, it's more like a wrap.

Ross: I'm a little slow... just as our children would be.

Joey: You are such a good friend and this is so... weird.

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