Quotes from
The One with Chandler's Dad

Monica: He drives so slow he could never hurt it.
Ross: It's a car, Monica, not a rocket-ship.
Monica: Whatever, Ross, just replace the bulbs in the brake lights after you're done.

Ross: You're fast and irresponsible. That adds up to a bad driver.
Rachel: Well, in high school that added up to head cheerleader.

Monica to Chandler: Now that you're marrying me you don't get to win anymore.

Chandler: He had sex with Mr. Garibaldi.
Monica: Who's Mr. Garibaldi?
Chandler: Does it matter?

Chandler: So, I really never get to win anymore?
Monica: How much did you ever really win before?

Joey: How much of a man am I?
Phoebe: Wow, nice. Manly and also kind of a slut.

Joey: I should go take these off, shouldn't I?
Phoebe: I think it's important that you do.

Rachel: You know what? Remind me to introduce you to someone.
Ross: Who?
Rachel: Fourth gear!

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