Quotes from
The One With Ross's Library Book

Ross: What's that?
Chandler: Sounds like two people are really enjoying the dewey decimal system.

Janice: So, who's the lucky guy?

Phoebe: Joey, she is so cool. She speaks four languages.
Joey: Man, do you know what guys want.

Joey to Phoebe: You, you're the one who's having the affair with the guy who keeps the pigeons on the roof.
Rachel: Phoebe!
Phoebe: Secret affair.

Rachel: Well, I guess it wasn't Cupid that brought her here.
Phoebe: No, just a regular old flying dwarf.

Monica: Our kids are gonna call her Aunt Janice, aren't they?

Chandler: If we let her stay she will stay forever.
Monica: Kind of like your Barcalounger.
Chandler: Is that what you're thinking about right now?
Monica: I never stop thinking about it.

Janice: Goodbye, Monica. I wish you a lifetime of happiness with him. Chandler, you call me when this goes in the pooper.

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