Summary of The One Where Rosita Dies

Written by TK

Monica and Ross go to get their childhood things from their parents' house when their parents put the house on the market. Monica, already convinced that her parents love Ross more than her, is devastated when she finds out that her father used her boxes of stuff to divert water away from his Porsche in the garage, and all her stuff is ruined, while Ross's is fine. Jack Geller makes it up to his daughter by giving her his Porsche.

Rachel acccidentally breaks Joey's barcalounger, Rosita, while trying to move it, and they go out so she can buy him a new one. Meanwhile, Chandler comes in, sits down in Rosita, and thinks he broke it, so he replaces it with his chair. When Rachel and Joey return, they decide it's a miracle and healed itself, so Rachel enjoys the new chair, with a built in arm rest fridge, speakers in the headrest and full massage, while Joey sits in his miracle chair and is jealous of Rachel. Rachel invites Chandler to try out the new chair and explains what happened, and Chandler is relieved that he didn't actually break Rosita and asks for his own chair back. When they go back to Joey's apartment, the old barcalounger is broken, and Joey is claiming that it must not have healed itself after all, so he gets the new chair. Chandler insists that he should get the new chair since Joey broke his, but Joey and Rachel gang up on him and tell him he can't have it. Monica's bad day has become the best day ever since she got a Porsche and Chandler's barcalounger is gone.

Phoebe's massage business hasn't been doing well, so she gets a job telemarketing office supplies to make some extra cash. On her first call she talks to a depressed supply manager named Earl who says he's going to kill himself because no one in his office even knows he exists. Phoebe keeps him talking on the phone, and when he finally hangs up on her she rushes over to his office to convince him not to kill himself. She insists that it was fate that made her take that job and make him her first call so that she could stop him, since her mother killed herself. She manages to talk him out of it by demonstrating all the similarities between his situation and her mother's situation... even though not all of them are true.

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