Summary of The One with Rachel's Big Kiss

Written by TK

Rachel bumps into an old sorority sister from college, Melissa, with whom she once got very drunk and ending up making out. Phoebe doesn't believe Rachel's story, so Rachel brings Phoebe to her dinner with Melissa to prove it. When Rachel brings up the event, Melissa denies any knowledge of it. By the end of the night, Rachel is so frustrated with Melissa not remembering and Phoebe not believing that she plants a big kiss on Melissa. Melissa suddenly breaks down and admits that she totally remembers making out with Rachel, and she's still madly in love with Rachel and now that she knows that Rachel loves her back she can admit it. Rachel is freaked out and tells Melissa she doesn't feel that way, so Melissa plays it off like she was joking.

Chandler is upset that Monica has more guests coming to the wedding than he does.

Chandler gets excited when Rachel gets him James Bond's (Pierce Brosnan's) tuxedo to wear for his wedding, but then he's jealous when Ross gets Batman's (Val Kilmer's). Chandler is even more disappointed when he doesn't even fit into Brosnan's tuxedo, but a feels a bit better when he finds out that Ross's tux wasn't worn to the opening of Batman, it was worn to the opening of some dinky film that Val Kilmer was in. Chandler finally finds a tuxedo that fits, and it turns out to be Diane Keaton's.

Joey convinces Monica to invite his parents to the wedding, but it soon becomes clear that he just wants them there because he sees his performing the ceremony as his performing in a show, and he wants his parents to see him.

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