Quotes from
The One With Ross's Step Forward

Phoebe: Keep in mind, now, I was carrying triplets, so in medical terms I was thrice as randy.

Joey to Ross: Congratulations, you just got married!

Monica: You were so hard up you practically came on to me.
Phoebe: You wish.
Monica: Hey, I could have had you if I wanted you.
Phoebe: Oh, yeah? Come and get it.
Rachel: Okay, even this is turning me on.

Ross: No self-respecting man would ask a woman, "So where is this going?"
Rachel: Uh, Ross, you asked me that.
Ross: Hey, you were a closed book, okay. I'm not a mind reader!

Ross: What do you think, Rach?
Rachel: I think... if it was a little colder in here I could see your nipples through that sweater.

Chandler: You know what would really help me through this tough time is choking something. Can I choke ya?

Rachel: You gave her a key to your apartment?
Ross: Not just any key, I gave her the only key. I am now a homeless person in a very serious relationship.

Doug: Bing, what's this?!
Chandler: It's a hand. It the thing you use as a Jack and Coke holder.

Chandler: Hi, honey, I'm home.
Monica: From the tequila factory?

Chandler: I got to see what my life would be like without you. Y'know, it was like "It's a Wonderful Life" with lap dances.

Rachel: I'm just finding myself... how do I put this?... um, erotically charged.
Joey: Is that college talk for "horny?"

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