Quotes from
The One With the Secret Closet

Phoebe: How would you feel if you couldn't share your cooking? Or, imagine how Ross would feel if he couldn't teach us about dragons.
Monica: Dinosaurs.
Phoebe: Potato, potahto.

Joey: Maybe she's having her cake and eating it too, you being the cake, Richard being the too.

Doctor: She's fine. She was experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions, mild discomfort cause by contractions in the uterine wall.
Rachel: Hm. Mild discomfort? So, I take it you've had one of these Braxton thingies?

Ross: That's no big deal, most women don't even feel them.
Rachel: Okay, no uterus, no opinion.

Doctor: You're going to make a wonderful father.
Joey: Oh, uh... hey, not as good as this guy. He brought Twizzlers.

Chandler: So, how's the hideously inappropriate crush on Rachel coming?
Joey: Really good, really good. Yeah, I should be ready to kill myself any day now.

Chandler: You're doing nothing wrong... except for harboring an all-consuming love for the woman that's carrying his baby.

Phoebe: I have lots of clients that make the same noises you do.
Monica: Really?
Phoebe: Well, not clients. Lovers.

Ross: Joey, this is a smart idea.
Joey: Well, I was due.

Chandler: You're messy.
Monica: No, you weren't supposed to see this!
Chandler: I married Fred Sanford.

Chandler: I don't love you because you're organized, I love you in spite of that.

Joey: This is good for me, y'know, I like being on my own. I'm better off this way. I'm a lone wolf. A loner. Alone. All alone. Forever..... What's a wolf gotta do to get a hug around here!?

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