Quotes from
The One With the Baby Shower

Monica: Both of your sisters called, and neither can make it.
Rachel: What? You mean they're not coming to a social event where there's no men and no booze? That's shocking.

Monica: Oh my God, my ass is sweating.

Monica: Again, we're so sorry. We could not feel worse about it.
Sandra: Try.

Monica: I gotta go powder my ass.

Sandra: Look at that face, just like when you were in high school. If I didn't know better I'd say you were a cheerleader in trouble.

Chandler: Fear of Triscuits?
Ross: It's possible. They have really sharp edges.

Rachel: Is that a beer bong for a baby?

Rachel: Mommy, don't ever leave me.

Chandler: This is the best game ever!

Rachel: Can I throw up in my Diaper Genie?

Rachel: My mom got us the greatest gift of all.
Ross: A Play-Doh barber shop?

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