Quotes from
The One With the Cooking Class

Katie: A paleontologist who works out... you're like Indiana Jones.
Ross: I am like Indiana Jones.

Rachel: Horny bitch.

Sarah: Oh, yes, you're an excellent chef. As a person, you're a little...
Monica: Oh, totally crazy. But you like the food?
Sarah: Very much.

Chandler: Oh my God, this doesn't count. Okay? The interview was over, that was the real Chandler Bing in there. This is just some crazy guy out in the hall. Call security, there's a crazy guy out in the hall!
Mr. Tyler: Poo?
Chandler: I look forward to your call.

Ross: Do you not like Katie?
Rachel: No, no... she... she was nice. I mean, she was a little slutty, but who isn't?
Ross: Well, I like her.
Rachel: Well, of course you did, Ross. You would date a gorilla if it called you Indiana Jones.

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