Quotes from
The One Where Rachel is Late

Joey: It's a poster for that World War I movie that I'm in. Check it out.
Ross: Yeah? Wow, it looks really violent.
Joey: Yeah, I know. I'm coming soon to a theater near you. I'm in THX. I'm unsuitable for children!

Monica: Are we gonna take a limo?
Joey: Sure. Why not?
Monica: I love taking limos when nobody died.

Ross: I wish I were a seahorse.

Rachel: Oh, God, get out. Get out, get out, get out!

Monica: You snooze, you lose.
Chandler: He's not snoozing, he's teaching a class.
Monica: Well then somebody's snoozing.

Monica: Okay, how much?
Phoebe: $100,000.
Monica: How 'bout fifty bucks?
Phoebe: Fine, I call Zurich and move some money around.

Rachel: I have to go pee. Apparently this baby thinks that my bladder is a squeeze toy.

Phoebe: Good God, man, don't anger it.

Monica: You could borrow Chandler. Chandler is good.

Ross: I am not going to make love to you just so you'll go into labor.
Rachel: Make love? What are you, a girl?
Ross: Always a great way to get into a man's pants.
Rachel: Come on, you'll be performing a service, okay. Just... just think of me as, like, a ketchup bottle. Y'know, sometimes you have to bang on the end of it just to get something to come out.
Ross: I love when you talk dirty to me.

Rachel: Come on, you started this, now you finish it!

Rachel: I think my water just broke.
Ross: I am good.

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