Quotes from
The One With the Videotape

Chandler: Ross, it's got your wavy black lines.

Ross: Rachel won't talk to me. She won't even open the door.
Phoebe: Hmm, I wonder why... pervert?

Ross: I'm kinda going through a dry spell... sex-wise.
Joey: Whoah, for, like, months?
Ross: Five, to be lying. Six.

Joey: How'd your date go?
Ross: Great. I'm across the street having sex with her right now.

Joey: I'm not hot. Are you hot?
Ross: It's been six months, I'm always hot.

Rachel: Were you just talking to yourself?
Ross: That's less embarassing. Yes, yes, I was.

Joey: Hi, Ken Adams, nice to meet you.
Phoebe: Regina Phalange.

Monica: What about my questions?
Chandler: The sheer volume, it was like flying with the Riddler.

Rachel: I want to see it.
Ross: What?
Rachel: Clearly you don't want people to see this tape. Now, I don't want people to see this tape either, but you so badly don't want people to see it that it makes me want to see it. You see?

Rachel: There I am.
Phoebe: You're gonna get pregnant.

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