Synopsis of
The One After I Do

Rachel tries to hide her pregnancy from her friends and Phoebe helps by claiming to be the one that's pregnant, but Monica figures it out. Monica convinces Rachel to take another test during the wedding reception just to be sure, and Rachel does so. When Phoebe tells her that the test is negative, Rachel actually cries, and is confused that she's sad about losing something she didn't want and never had. Phoebe's gamble pays off, and when she tells Rachel that she was lying and that the test is actually positive, all three friends celebrate and Rachel is excited that she's going to have a baby.

Chandler has been taking dancing lessons as a surprise for Monica, but his suave plans are ruined when it turns out his new shoes are really slippery on the dance floor at the reception and all he can do is stand in one place and wave his arms around... which unfortunately is very reminiscent of Monica's father's terrible dance moves. While asking Joey if he can borrow his shoes, Chandler finds out that his long-time friend has freakishly small feet.

Joey is excited when he realizes the Nora's (Chandler's mother) date is a famous Broadway producer, Dennis Phillips. He tries to get Chandler to talk to him about casting Joey, but Chandler is too busy worrying about other things. Joey gets up to give a toast to the happy couple, but turns it into an audition for Phillips. Finally, Joey just comes right out and asks Phillips to cast him, but Phillips tells him that his current show has an all-Chinese cast.

At the wedding reception, Ross meets a cute girl named Mona who works with Monica. He tries to maneuver himself to sitting at her table, but screws up and ends up at the kiddie table. He gets up the nerve to ask Mona to dance, but is interrupted by one of the little girls at his table who wants to dance with him. When he sees Mona melt at the sight of the little girl, he agrees to dance with her and lets her stand on his feet while they dance. Mona melts even more. When Ross is done dancing with the little girl, he's ready to make his move on Mona, but another little girl comes and asks for a dance. Ross dances with her too, and now is really psyched up to dance with Mona. Unfortunately, a much larger young girl comes along and insists on dancing on Ross's feet as well. Joey has to help Ross off the dance floor and Mona ends up being attracted to Joey.

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