Synopsis of
The One With Monica's Boots

Chandler can't believe how much Monica spent on a pair of boots, but Monica swears she'll make it worth it by wearing them everywhere. Monica quickly learns that the boots are extremely painful, but continues to pretend to wear them so she doesn't have to admit Chandler was right. After being forced to wear the boots to Chandler's office holiday party (where there was dancing), Monica finally gives up and admits that Chandler was right. Chandler has little time to bask in the rare glory of being right, because he ends up having to give Monica a piggy-back ride home. Half way home the couple realize that they left the boots on the sidewalk. Monica bids her boots a sad farewell.

Phoebe finds out that Ross's son Ben goes to school with Sting's son, Jack, and begs Ross to get her tickets to Sting's sold-out concert this Friday. Ross admits to Phoebe that Ben and Jack don't get along because Jack makes fun of Ben's two moms. Phoebe goes to see Ben at school to try to smooth things over between him and Jack, and while there is mistaken for one of Ben's moms, Susan, by a friendly teacher. The teacher suggests that Phoebe (Susan) get together with Jack's parents to discuss to two boys' problems and gives Phoebe and extra copy of the contact list so that Phoebe can call Jack's parents. Phoebe sets up the meeting and show's up at Sting's apartment, but is disappointed when only Jack's mom is available. Phoebe begs for tickets to the concert and Sting's wife, Trudie, calls the cops.

Ross finally does the impossible and gets tickets to the concert. Phoebe is pleased to hear that the seats are more than fifty feet away from the stage, because then she won't be breaking any laws.

Joey's younger sister Dina, the "smartest of all the Tribbiani children," comes to see Rachel under the guise of wanting to learn about the fashion industry. Once the two women are left alone by Joey, Dina admits that she's pregnant, unmarried, and scared to tell her brother, and was hoping Rachel, who is in a similar position, could help. Rachel brings Dina to talk to Joey and mediates when Joey goes and gets Dina's boyfriend, Bobby, and tries to force the two to get married. Dina finally gets through to a shell-shocked Joey by reminding him that he's going to be an uncle, and she hopes that her baby will be loved by his uncle Joey.

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