Synopsis of
The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

Written by TK

Phoebe gets Monica and Chandler a Ms. Pac-Man machine, and Phoebe and Monica fight over who gets to play it while Chandler says it's a stupid game... 'cause he sucks at it. However, Chandler takes a day off from work and spends all day playing Ms. Pac-Man until he has a claw for a hand. He gets all the top scores and makes the intials into dirty words. When Monica gets home, she insists that the scores be erased because Ben is coming over to play the game the next day and he shouldn't see all the dirty words. She tries unplugging the game, but the high scores aren't erased. Chandler can't play anymore to beat his own scores because his claw-hand is such a mess. Monica tries to beat Chandler's scores but can't. Phoebe comes close to beating Chandler's score but just misses it and starts yelling at the machine. Just then, Ross brings Ben over and Ben hears much worse words out of Phoebe's mouth than he would have read on the high score list of the machine.

When Joey asks Rachel for a good restaurant to take a date to, Rachel talks about how much she's going to miss dating when she has the baby, so Joey suggests they go out on a nice date together. They have a lovely dinner together, jokingly showing each other their moves for when they're on real dates. When they get home, Joey is surprised that he had a such a good time on a date without the sex part. When they show each other they're end-of-the-night moves, Rachel's works so well on Joey that he's a little confused. Meanwhile, Rachel says thanks for a wonderful time and goes to bed.

The next day, Rachel says she felt funny last night after she went to bed, and Joey is happy that she felt whatever it was he was feeling. He's disappointed, however, when she goes on to say that she thinks the lobster made her sick. Rachel mentions she was thinking of renting the movie "Cujo" tonight because Joey was so horrified when she said during their date that she'd never seen it. Joey wants to watch it with her, but Rachel reminds him that he has a date that night. Joey goes out on his date but has a miserable time. He tries to explain to his ditzy date that he's suddenly seeing his roommate in a whole new light, but she doesn't understand. He comes home early and is more than happy to protect Rachel from the scary movie when she curls up with him to hide her eyes.

Ross gets to teach a new graduate seminar, but it's across town from his current class and he only has ten minutes to get there. His first class he shows up so late that the class ends about sixty seconds after he arrives. The second time he manages to get there on time, but he's so out of breath that he passes out before he can teach anything. He finally figures out the solution and starts roller-blading to class.

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