Synopsis of
The One With Rachel's Date

Ross finds out Chandler's middle name is Muriel.

A guy named Bob in Chandler's office has been calling Chandler Toby for so many years that Chandler has given up on ever correcting him. Chandler figures it doesn't matter that much since Bob works on the 6th floor and Chandler works on the 11th. However, when Chandler's boss tells him that he's considering moving Bob to the 11th floor, Chandler tells his boss that Bob can't handle it, simply to avoid having to explain his name to the poor man. Bob finds out that someone named Chandler Bing bad-mouthed him and kept him from getting a promotion, and enlists his 11th floor friend "Toby" to help him track down the culprit. Chandler finds Bob trashing his office and can only help him in order to continue the ruse.

Monica introduces Phoebe to her new sous-chef, Tim, and Phoebe is immediately attracted to him. Phoebe and Tim go out and Phoebe has a great time, but Monica admits that she has to fire Tim from the restaurant because he's terrible at his job. Phoebe convinces Monica to give Tim one more chance. The next day, Monica says she definitely has to fire Tim, and by then Phoebe is tired of Tim's over-attentiveness and wants to dump him. They race to dump/fire him first so that they make the other the "bitch" who dumped/fired a guy that just got fired/dumped earlier in the day. They end up getting to him at the same time and dump/fire him simultaneously. Tim takes the double bad news rather well, and Monica is so impressed by his attitude that she decides to give him one last chance. Phoebe wishes him luck at the restaurant and bids him farewell.

Rachel meets one of Joey's cute cast-mates, Kash, and goes out on a date with him. Ross freaks out and explains to Joey that it just seems like he's getting further and further from his dream of a nuclear family. Joey is actually comforting to Ross and helps put things in perspective. Ross finds a depressed Rachel later that night, who is planning on gorging on candy bars after she told her date she was pregnant and he ran screaming in the other direction. Rachel realizes that dating is just one more thing that will never be the same in her life. Ross reminds her what she's doing all this for and she is touched by his sentimentality. Just as Rachel is beginning to question what Ross means to her, Ross runs into Mona, the girl he was interested in at Chandler and Monica's wedding.

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