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The One Where No One Proposes

Ross: Joey, can you give us a minute?
Joey: No.
Ross: What?
Joey: I'm sorry, I meant no.

Joey: Rachel thinks I asked her to marry me.
Chandler: What, why does she think that?
Joey: 'Cause it kinda looked like I did.
Chandler: Again, what?
Joey: I was down on one knee with the ring in my hand...
Chandler: As we all are at some point during the day.

Chandler: Ross had a ring? And he was gonna propose?
Joey: I guess.
Chandler: And you did it first? This is gonna kill him. You know how much he loves to propose.

Monica: I want a baby.
Chandler: Honey, we've been over this. I need to be facing the other way.

Ross: All I wanted to do was see if she maybe kinda wanted to start things up again.
Phoebe: Oh, what beautiful luke-warm sentiment.

Jack: The pleasure is important. And it helps if the woman has an orgasm. You up to the task, sailor?
Chandler: Seriously, sir, my brain's all over the wall.

Rachel: He got down on one knee and he proposed.
Ross: Whoah, you were down on one knee?
Joey: Yeah, yeah, that looks bad.

Ross: I am not gonna rush into anything.
Joey: Oh, yeah, dude, I totally understand. Usually after I have a baby with a woman I like to slow things down.

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