Quotes from
The One Where Monica Sings

Ross: If she wants to move on, that's fine.
Chandler: You know when "that's fine" sound true? When someone yells it and spits.

Monica: I thought you hated him.
Rachel: Well, y'know, honey, there is a thin line between love and hate, and it turns out that line is a scarf.

Ross: I went on the subway again, and someone did sit on my hand, but that person was neither female nor wearing pants.

Chandler: Single white male, divorced three times, two illegitimate children.... The personal ad writes itself.
Ross: That's funny, yeah... yeah. So, do you think you'll ever work again?
Chandler: What are you doing? You know I can only dish it out.

Gavin: You hear keys in the door and you jump like a young bronco coming out of the chute for the first time. I used to be a rodeo clown.

Phoebe: Can you totally see through her shirt?
Mike: Like an X-ray. Bad day not to wear a bra.

Chandler: It's like a baby caterpiller chasing its mama.

Joey: I don't know if I can take any more pluckin', it hurts so bad.
Chandler: Oh, not with my combination of ice-cubes, aloe vera, and my gentle... self-loathing touch.

Chandler: Are those my wife's nipples?

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