Quotes from The One With the Mugging

Phoebe: If I don't know who makes the most how do I know who I like the most? Hi, Joey.

Joey: We have interns at Days of Our Lives.
Chandler: Right, so it'd be the same... except, less sex with you.

Joey: It's for a play on a Broadway. And in a real theater, not that little one underneath the deli like last time.
Monica: Is it a good play?
Joey: It must be, because I read it and I didn't understand a single word.

Monica: Oh, he was so good in that movie of MacBeth.
Rachel: You saw that?
Monica: No, but I saw the previews. They played it right before "Jackass."

Chandler: I'm an intern, just like you guys... except for the tie, the briefcase, and the fact that I can rent a car.

Hayes: You're in your head. You're thinkin' way too much.
Joey: I really doubt that.

Hayes: Don't learn the words, let the words learn you.
Joey: Couldn't I just sleep with the producer?

Ross: I know we've only gone out twice, but, I dunno, I have a really good feeling about her.
Phoebe: I hear divorce bells!

Chandler: Honey, I'm old!

Monica: Have you considered using a girl with huge knockers?
Chandler: I don't think that's the kind of thing they're looking for.
Joey: Hey, that would work on me. Why do you think I buy Mrs. Butterworth's?

Monica: Oh my God.
Phoebe: I know, I mugged Ross!

Chandler: They're so uncomfortable, it's like getting kicked in the nuts for your feet.

Chandler: Thank you, sir! Or, man-who's-two-years-younger-than-me.

Phoebe: In this box are all the things I got from mugging that I thought were too special to sell... or smoke.

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