Quotes from The One With the Boob Job

Monica: I haven't seen my savings take a hit like this since I was a kid and they came out with double-stuffed Oreos.

Chandler: No, we're not borrowing money!
Monica: Why not?
Chandler: Because we don't do that, we are Bings. If there's one thing my father taught me it was... well, to always knock before going into the pool house. But the other thing was, never borrow money.
Monica: Wow, I had no idea you had this much pride.
Chandler: That's right, I do. I am your man, and I am going to get us through this situation, even if it means you working twice as hard.

Joey: What do you think I am, a soap opera star?
Monica: Yeah.
Joey: That's right, I am!

Joey: You're gonna do it?
Rachel: Yeah. Why? You don't think a woman can do this?
Joey: Oh no, women can. You can't.
Rachel Monica, will you please tell Joey that he is a pig?
Monica: You're a pig. And you can't do this.

Phoebe: Oh my God, load up the Volvo, I want to be a soccer mom!

Joey: I thought you didn't have secrets from Monica.
Chandler: And that will remain the official party line.

Monica: Okay, you're being weird. Do you want sex or did you do something bad?

Ross: I love marriage.
Phoebe: Seriously? You? Divorce-o?
Ross: If you have to call me a name, I prefer "Ross, the Divorcer." It's just cooler.

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