Quotes from The One With the Memorial Service

Ross: Remember Andrea Rich?
Chandler: That tall girl that wouldn't sleep with you?
Ross: Uh huh. Well, her internet company went under and she lost an ear in a boating accident.
Chandler: Bet she'd sleep with you now.
Ross: Nah, I already emailed her

Ross: I have sex with dinosaurs?!
Chandler: I believe I read that somewhere.
Ross: Not only is it not funny, it's physically impossible. Depending on the species I'd have to have a six foot long... It's not funny!

Monica: You know, on the way over here, I saw this drunk guy throw up... and then a pigeon ate it.

Chandler: The gay community's a lot more vocal than the dead community.

Ross: It's been an hour, and not one of my classmates has shown up. I tell you, when I actually die, some people are gonna get seriously haunted.

Ross: I'm dead and no one cares?
Monica: I look like a man?!
Chandler: Please, one ridiculous problem at a time.

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