Quotes from
The One With the Pediatrician

Ross: You can't go, I mean, you're the glue that holds this group together.
Chandler: Really?
Ross: Not you.

Phoebe: You are gonna love Mary Ellen. She's really smart, and cute, and funny, and... I can't tell you how I know this, but she's not opposed to threesomes.

Rachel: Augh, it's impossible to find a good doctor. I mean, how do you know the good ones from the ones who are gonna push their penis against your knee?
Monica: Excuse me?
Chandler: I know what she's talking about.

Monica: He used to have this recurring nightmare, it really freaked him out.
Rachel: Wow. What was it?
Monica: That I was going to eat him.

Chandler: When we get to Tulsa, I am taking you for a great dinner at Slim Pickin's. So Cheesey? Whole Hog? It's gonna be tough to keep kosher in Tulsa.

Phoebe: Mary Ellen is really smart, and cute, and loose.
Mary Ellen: Hey!
Phoebe: Oh, who are you kidding?

Joey: You're leavin' too?
Mary Ellen: I'll stay if you can tell me my name.
Phoebe: Have a good night.

Chandler: I think you should take the job.
Monica: Really?
Chandler: Yeah, I know it must be important to you when you start chattering like a monkey.

Joey: I'm mad at you for leaving. You're nothing but a big leaver... a big leaver with a stupid suitcase.

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