Quotes from
The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song

Chandler: Maybe I'll join them sometime. I just hope the club doesn't slip out of my hand and beat the moustache off his face.

Monica: They're gonna love you, just be yourself.
Phoebe: They live on the Upper East Side on Park Avenue.
Rachel: Oh, yeah, she can't be herself.

Ross: Please don't take her away from me.

Phoebe: Oh my God, you're rich.
Mike: No, my parents are rich.
Phoebe: Yeah, so, they gotta die someday.

Pheobe: I'm a freelance massage therapist, which, y'know, isn't always steady money but at least I don't pay taxes.

Mike: You do that, and then I'm gonna go check my dad for signs of internal bleeding.

Joey: Hey, dude, what's up?
Chandler: Don't judge me, I'm only human!

Rachel: You really do like big butts, don't you... oh, you beautiful little weirdo.

Phoebe: Thirteen bathrooms in this place, I threw up in the coat closet. Tah tah.
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