Quotes from The One With Rachel's Phone Number

Joey: What have we always wanted to do together?
Chandler: Braid eachother's hair and ride horseback on the beach?

Joey: Maybe Michael Jordan will dive for the ball and break my jaw with his knee!

Ross: You clean up good.

Ross: I thought it'd be nice to get to know him. Y'know, maybe have a little dinner, drinks... conversation.
Rachel: Oh, that's so cute, Ross and Mike's first date.

Mike: I got beer.
Ross: I got bottled breast milk.
Mike: Eh, why don't we start with the beer.

Joey: I think Monica's cheatin' on you! I told you you shouldn't have married someone so much hotter than you.

Mike: What's the difference between a beer and lager?
Ross: I don't know. We could look it up.
Mike: Things are about to get wild.

Chandler: Okay, I've got a plan. I'll go down the fire escape...
Monica: Oh, yes, all good plans start with "I'll go down the fire escape."
Chandler: Hear me out, woman!

Phoebe: So, that's great. You, Bill, Ross, and Emma are gonna be so happy together.

Phoebe: You have to go back in.
Mike: Go back? To the land where time stands still?

Monica: Maybe I'll stay here and practice the art of seduction.
Chandler: You're gonna put sweats on and clean, aren't you?
Monica: It's gonna be so hot!

Ross: We just drank some beer and Mike played with the boundaries of normal social conduct.
Mike: It's true, I did.

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