No more new episodes

Friends had its series finale in the Spring of 2004, and no new episodes are being made or aired.

Syndicated episodes on TBS

TBS shows syndicated episodes of Friends. Here is a tentative upcoming schedule:

Tue. Oct. 5 8pm The One Where No One Proposes (S9)
Tue. Oct. 5 8:30pm The One Where Emma Cries (S9)
Wed. Oct. 6 8pm The One With the Pediatrician (S9)
Wed. Oct. 6 8:30pm The One With the Sharks (S9)
Thur. Oct. 7 8pm The One With Joey's Interview (S8)
Thur. Oct. 7 8:30pm The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner (S9)
Fri. Oct. 8 8pm The One With the Male Nanny (S9)
Fri. Oct. 8 8:30pm The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song (S9)
Mon. Oct. 11 8pm The One With Rachel's Phone Number (S9)
Mon. Oct. 11 8:30pm The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work (S9)
Tue. Oct. 12 8pm The One With Phoebe's Rats (S9)
Wed. Oct. 13 8pm The One With the Blind Dates (S9)