1st Season

#1 TOW Monica Gets a New Roommate
#2 TOW the Sonogram at the End
#3 TOW the Thumb
#4 TOW George Stephanopoulos
#5 TOW the East German Laundry Detergent
#6 TOW the Butt
#7 TOW the Blackout
#8 TOW Nana Dies Twice
#9 TOW Underdog Gets Away
#10 TOW the Monkey
#11 TOW Mrs. Bing
#12 TOW the Dozen Lasagnes
#13 TOW the Boobies
#14 TOW the Candy Hearts
#15 TOW the Stoned Guy
#16 TOW Two Parts, Part 1
#17 TOW Two Parts, Part 2
#18 TOW All the Poker
#19 TOW the Monkey Gets Away
#20 TOW the Evil Orthodontist
#21 TOW the Fake Monica
#22 TOW the Ick Factor
#23 TOW the Birth
#24 TOW Rachel Finds Out

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#1 The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate

Rachel leaves Barry at the altar and moves in with Monica. Ross is suffering from his recently out-of-the-closet wife leaving him. Monica goes out on a date with a cad.

#2 The One with the Sonogram at the End

Ross finds out that his lesbian ex-wife is pregnant with his baby, and freaks out at being a part of the untraditional family, but can't resist when he sees a sonogram of his unborn child. Rachel returns her engagement ring to Barry and finds out that he's happily dating her maid of honor and he looks much better than he used to. Monica can't get her parents to let up on her when they come to visit.

#3 The One with the Thumb

Chandler starts smoking again. Phoebe is upset when her bank accidentally gives her $500. Monica finally dates someone her friends like and they're devastated when she breaks up with him. Rachel can't get anyone's order right at the coffee shop.

#4 The One with George Stephanopoulos

Ross and the guys go to a hockey game, but all Ross can think about is his first time with Carol and then he gets hit in the face with a puck. Rachel runs into old friends and gets really upset about her life, so the girls try to cheer her up and they spy on George Stephanopoulos.

#5 The One with the East German Laundry Detergent

Ross and Rachel have a laundry date. Joey tricks Monica into going on a double date. Phoebe helps Chandler break up with Janice.

#6 The One with the Butt

Joey is cast as Al Pacino's butt-double. Chandler realizes he can't date a woman who is dating other men at the same time. Monica tries to become less anal.

#7 The One with the Blackout

All of New York is in a blackout. Chandler gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre and makes an ass of himself. Just when Ross is gearing up to ask Rachel out, Rachel meets a hot Italian guy. Phoebe is upset because she's always the last to know everything.

#8 The One where Nana Dies Twice

Chandler finds out that a lot of people think he's gay. Ross and Monica's grandmother dies... twice. Everyone attends the funeral and Monica learns something about her relationship with her mother. Ross is still jealous that Rachel is dating Paolo.

#9 The One where Underdog Gets Away

Monica wants to host a cozy Thanksgiving feast in her apartment with her friends, but everything goes wrong and she burns the potatoes.

#10 The One with the Monkey

Ross gets a pet monkey. The gang makes a pact to be dateless for New Year's. Phoebe dates a shy scientist who gets a grant to go to Minsk. Fun Bobby's grandfather dies. Rachel gets beat up getting a cab at the airport. Joey dates a single mom. Chandler dumps Janice all over again.

#11 The One with Mrs. Bing

Chandler gets upset when Joey busts Ross kissing Chandler's mother. Phoebe and Monica become obsessed with a gorgeous man in a coma. Rachel attempts to write a romance novel.

#12 The One with the Dozen Lasagnas

Rachel breaks up with Paolo after he hits on Phoebe. Chandler and Joey make their first purchase together as roommates... the Foos Ball table! Ross doesn't want to know the gender of his baby, but everyone else knows. Monica has to get rid of a dozen lasagnes.

#13 The One with the Boobies

Chandler accidentally sees Rachel naked, so Rachel goes on a quest to see Chandler naked, but accidentally sees Joey instead. Joey finds out his dad is having an affair. Phoebe's new psychologist boyfriend pisses everyone off by analyzing them.

#14 The One with the Candy Hearts

Chandler gets setup on a blind date with Janice and ends up sleeping with her. Ross gets a date for Valentine's Day but then ends up spending it with his ex-wife. The girls do a cleansing ritual to get rid of bad men vibes.

#15 The One with the Stoned Guy

Chandler is scared he's getting trapped into a career in data processing and tries to get out... unsuccessfully. Monica auditions to be a head chef at a new restaurant, but her customer is stoned. Ross dates a woman from the museum who wants him to talk dirty. Ross's monkey changes Monica's TV to Spanish.

#16 The One with Two Parts, Part 1

Joey dates Phoebe's twim sister Ursula. "Mad About You" characters come into Central Perk and mistake Phoebe for Ursula. Ross goes to Lamaze classes with Carol and Susan. Chandler dates an employee instead of firing her.

#17 The One with Two Parts, Part 2

Ursula dumps Joey and Phoebe tries to soften the blow. Rachel and Monica committ insurance fraud and meet cute doctors from "ER." Ross is scared he won't be a good father.

#18 The One with all the Poker

The gang plays poker and Rachel doesn't get a job at Saks Fifth Avenue.

#19 The One where the Monkey Gets Away

Rachel loses Marcel while monkey-sitting and everyone looks for him. When Rachel is upset because she finds out that Barry and Mindy are engaged, Ross decides it's time to make his move.

#20 The One with the Evil Orthodontist

Rachel has an affair with her ex-fiance while he's engaged to her ex-best friend. Chandler stresses about calling a woman with whom he's had one date. Someone is using a telescope to spy on the friends.

#21 The One with the Fake Monica

Monica lives the life she's always wanted with the woman who is illegally using her credit cards. Ross finds out his monkey has reached sexual maturity and he has to give him up to a zoo. Joey changes his name on the advice of his agent so he sounds less ethnic.

#22 The One with the Ick Factor

Monica thinks she's dating a senior in college, but it turns out he's a senior in high school. Ross gets a beeper for when Carol goes into labor. Rachel has a sex dream about Chandler. When Phoebe becomes Chandler's temporary secretary, he finds out that everyone at work hates him.

#23 The One with the Birth

Ross's ex-wife Carol gives birth to their son, Ben. Ross and Carol's lesbian life-partner, Susan, get locked in a closet with Phoebe. Joey helps a single mom give birth. Rachel hits on a doctor. Monica's biological clock is ticking.

#24 The One Where Rachel Finds Out

Rachel finds out that Ross likes her but he leaves for China for a week before she can tell him she digs him too. Joey can't have sex because he's participating in an experiment, so he learns other ways to make his current girlfriend happy.


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