9th Season

#1 TOW No One Proposes
#2 TOW Emma Cries
#3 TOW the Pediatrician
#4 TOW the Sharks
#5 TOW Phoebe's Birthday Dinner
#6 TOW the Male Nanny
#7 TOW Ross's Inappropriate Song
#8 TOW Rachel's Other Sister
#9 TOW Rachel's Phone Number
#10 TOW Christmas in Tulsa
#11 TOW Rachel Goes Back to Work
#12 TOW Phoebe's Rats
#13 TOW Monica Sings
#14 TOW the Blind Dates
#15 TOW the Mugging
#16 TOW the Boob Job
#17 TOW the Memorial Service
#18 TOW the Lottery
#19 TOW Rachel's Dream
#20 TOW the Soap Opera Party
#21 TOW the Fertility Test
#22 TOW the Donor
#23 TO in Barbados

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#1 The One Where No One Proposes: Aired Thursday, September 26, 2002

Rachel thinks she's engaged to Joey, but isn't sure she feels right about it. Rachel tells Phoebe about it, but Phoebe thinks Rachel is talking about Ross. Phoebe congratulates Ross and Ross is confused. Joey tries to fix the situation, but is too late. Joey, Ross and Rachel finally work things out all together, and then Joey leaves Ross and Rachel alone together with a nursing baby Emma. Ross and Rachel talk about trying to have a relationship again, but then Ross realizes that Rachel accepted Joey's mistaken proposal. Monica's father busts her and Chandler trying to make a baby in a closet in the hospital and tries to help them.

#2 The One Where Emma Cries: Aired Thursday, October 3, 2002

Ross stays mad at both Rachel and Joey about the whole getting engaged thing. Joey tells Ross to hit him to make him feel better, but when Ross finally throws a punch Joey instinctively ducks and Ross breaks his thumb on a metal post. In the hospital, Ross admits to Joey that he realizes that Rachel just said yes to Joey because she was emotional and worried about raising the baby on her own, and his biggest fear is that she would say yes to getting back together with him for just the same reason. Rachel makes the mistake of waking up baby Emma when she's sleeping, and then can't get the baby to stop crying. After trying every trick in the book, it turns out the secret seems to be Monica holding the baby. Chandler falls asleep during a meeting at work and later realizes that he somehow agreed to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

#3 The One With the Pediatrician: Aired Thursday, October 10, 2002

Chandler has resigned himself to moving to Tulsa, and Monica is determined to go with him... until she gets the job offer of a lifetime in New York. They finally decide that Chandler will spend four days a week in Tulsa and three days a week with Monica in New York. Joey and Phoebe decide to set each other up with friends and go out on a double date, but Joey forgets until the last minute and grabs a stranger from the coffee shop as his "friend." Phoebe figures out the ruse and is mad at Joey, but Joey's new "friend," Mike, turns out to be cute and sweet and asks Phoebe out on a real date that she accepts. Rachel pesters her pediatrician so much that he dumps Emma as a patient. Rachel decides to take Emma to Ross and Monica's childhood pedatrician, Dr. Gettleman, and is surprised to find out that Ross is still a patient of Dr. Gettleman's.

#4 The One With the Sharks: Aired Thursday, October 17, 2002

Ross accidentally tells Mike that Phoebe has never been in a long-term relationship, so then he makes up a serious ex-boyfriend for Phoebe named Vikram. Phoebe goes along with the lie, but when Mike is incredibly sweet, she tells him the truth and is pleasantly surprised when he doesn't run away. Joey goes out with a cute girl he picks up in the coffee shop, but when he gets to her apartment he realizes that he's had sex there before. He confronts the girl, upset that she doesn't remember having sex with him, but then when her roommate walks in he realizes why the apartment seemed so familiar. Monica surprises Chandler with a visit in Tulsa, and busts him "molesting himself" in his hotel room. The part that bothers her, however, is that he's watching shark attacks on TV at the same time. When Chandler next comes back to New York, Monica tries to be a loving wife and rents a movie about sharks and asks Chandler to share his fetish with her. Monica is relieved when Chandler tells her he had switched the channel when she walked into the room and had actually been watching regular porn.

#5 The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner: Aired Thursday, October 31, 2002

Phoebe plans her birthday dinner on Halloween night at a fancy restaurant and invites her five best friends. Joey is the only one who shows up on time, and he and Phoebe wait, starving, guarding their table for six, for over an hour. Rachel stresses about leaving baby Emma alone with Ross's mother, and freaks out even more when Ross, in his exuberance to get her to the restaurant on time, locks them both out of the apartment with baby Emma inside. Ross's mother has keys and saves them, but Rachel is so freaked out that she ends up bringing Ross's mother and Emma to the restaurant with them. Monica and Chandler argue over the fact that he smoked in Oklahoma, and then Monica pretends to forgive him in order to get him to have sex with her because she's ovulating. Phoebe ends up bagging her friends after all to go hang out with her boyfriend who suddenly becomes available.

#6 The One With the Male Nanny: Aired Thursday, November 7, 2002

Chandler feels threatened when Monica says that a guy at her new job is the funniest guy she's ever met. Phoebe and Mike give each other keys to their apartments to show their commitment to their relationship, but that same day Phoebe's lost love David comes back into town. Phoebe tells David she's with Mike now, but they can't resist a kiss, and Mike, using his new key to get into Phoebe's apartment, busts them. David leaves and Mike is surprisingly understanding about the whole thing. Ross and Rachel hire a male nanny for Emma named Sandy, a very sensitive young man who cries at the drop of a hat. Rachel thinks he's great, but Ross thinks it's weird that a guy is a nanny and think Sandy is too sensitive for a man. Ross finally can't take it anymore and fires Sandy, but Sandy is very nice about it and gets Ross to reveal that he has trouble with sensitive men because he feels like his own dad wanted him to be more manly. Ross ends up blubbering in tears.

#7 The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song: Aired Thursday, November 14, 2002

Phoebe has dinner with Mike at his parents' posh Park Avenue apartment and tries desperately to make a good impression. Unfortunately, everything she does backfires, and Mike's parents end up hating her. Luckily, Mike comes to his girlfriend's defense and the two end up admitting for the first time that they're in love with each other. When Joey thinks about buying an apartment, he and Chandler visit Richard's apartment which is on the market. Chandler finds a videotape labeled "Monica" and steals it. Chandler is horrified to have his suspicions confirmed when he and Joey view the tape and see Richard having sex. Monica finds out and tells Chandler he shouldn't be jealous, that it's really just sad that Richard has this tape. Monica is later outraged when she realizes it's not even HER on the tape: Richard taped over it with someone else. Ross and Rachel are ecstatic when baby Emma laughs for the first time, but are a little uncomfortable with the fact that she only laughs when they rap "Baby Got Back" (y'know: "I like big butts and I cannot lie....").

#8 The One With Rachel's Other Sister: Aired Thursday, November 21, 2002

Monica's worst fears materialize when Chandler convinces her to use their nice wedding china for Thanksgiving dinner and everything ends up broken. Joey forgets that he's supposed to appear in the Macy's parade with the cast of Days of Our Lives and Phoebe has to teach him how to lie. Rachel's sister Amy, who is incredibly self-centered and always says the wrong thing, stops by on her way to Thanksgiving dinner with her married boyfriend. When her boyfriend cancels because his wife came back into town, Rachel, against her better judgement, invites her to dinner at Monica and Chandler's. At dinner, Amy brings up who would get Emma if Ross and Rachel died, and Chandler and Monica are touched when they find out they would. Amy is offended that she wouldn't get Emma, even though she can't even remember the baby's name. Amy asks if she'd get the baby if Monica died, and Chandler assumes that he would, but Ross says that actually his parents would. Chandler feels that no one has confidence in his skills as a father, and Amy and Rachel end up getting into a physical fight. Chandler scolds the Green sisters and makes them apologize to each other, and Ross is impressed by Chandler's parenting skills and says that he could raise Emma by himself if Ross, Rachel and Monica all died.

#9 The One With Rachel's Phone Number: Aired Thursday, December 5, 2002

When Rachel and Phoebe go out for a girls' night out, Rachel ends up giving her phone number to a charming guy in a bar and then panics when she realizes that Ross could pick up the phone when the guy calls later that night. Meanwhile, Ross has invited Mike to hang out while the girls are out on the town, and the two men spend a torturous evening realizing they have absolutely nothing to talk about. Phoebe calls Mike and begs him to intercept all incoming phone calls, which he does, but the only thing he accomplishes is freaking out Ross. Ross ends up getting the phone call, but doesn't give Rachel the message. Chandler sneaks into New York to see Monica without telling Joey, but when Joey sees Monica in a slinky dress with two glasses of wine, he thinks Monica is having an affair. Chandler tries a complicated maneuver to clear Monica in Joey's eyes, but Joey ends up busting the guilty couple.

#10 The One With Christmas in Tulsa: Aired Thursday, December 12, 2002

Chandler is miserable, stuck working in Tulsa on Christmas Eve. One of his co-workers, a pretty girl named Wendy, asks him what he would be doing if he were back in New York, and he reminisces about past Christmases with his friends. When Wendy hits on him, Chandler turns her down and remembers how his relationship with Monica started. Chandler goes back to New York to spend Christmas with his friends and his wife, and announces that he's quitting his job.

#11 The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work: Aired Thursday, January 9, 2003

Joey gets Phoebe a job as an extra on Days of Our Lives because she's short on cash. To ease her nerves, Joey helps get her into the role, but then he can't get her out of it and she has to taken off the set by security. Rachel visits work and finds a stranger, Gavin, in her office and doing her job. Feeling threatened, Rachel decides to go back to work two weeks earlier than she originally intended, and tries to take over the presentation Gavin was working on. When it's time to give the presentation, Rachel is stuck with her baby at work, but Gavin gallantly offers to babysit so that she can give the presentation. An unemployed Chandler, with Monica's help, decides he might want to try advertising, but soon learns that starting a new career means starting from the bottom, with little to no pay. Chandler worries that they might need to put off having a baby, and fakes an orgasm when having sex with Monica. When he admits what he did, Monica convinces him that there are always going to be reasons not to have a baby, but they should still do it anyway.

#12 The One With Phoebe's Rats: Aired Thursday, January 16, 2003

Rachel still feuds with Gavin at work, but while she's pretending to be nice to him, Monica mistakes it for real friendship and invites Gavin to Rachel's birthday party. Gavin makes a late appearance, when the party is already over, and not only brings Rachel a nice scarf as a gift, but gives her a romantic birthday kiss on Monica's balcony... which Ross spots from his living room. Phoebe is horrified when Mike kills the rat that lives in her kitchen, Bob, just after she discovers that Bob has baby rats. Phoebe tries to care for the babies as if they were her own, but Mike finally convinces her to give them away to good homes. Rachel and Ross finally find a nanny they like, a hot woman named Molly. Joey is immediately attracted to her, but Ross begs him to back off, fearing that Joey will sleep with Molly and then dump her, causing her to quit as Emma's nanny. Luckily, it turns out that Molly is a lesbian.

#13 The One Where Monica Sings: Aired Thursday, January 30, 2003

Joey goes to get his eyebrows waxed for his new headshots, but it hurts so much that he only lets the woman do one, and then he's left uneven. Joey goes to Chandler for help and finds out that Chandler used to make pocket change as a kid by plucking his father's and his father's friends' eyebrows. Chandler evens out Joey's eyebrows so that they're both elegantly pencil-thin. Rachel calls in sick to work to avoid seeing Gavin after their kiss, but Gavin comes over to talk to her. When Rachel thinks Ross is coming home and stashes Gavin behind a curtain, they both admit that maybe now is not the right time for her to start a relationship. In the meantime, after witnessing the kiss on the balcony, Ross decides that it's time for him to move on too, so he hits on a whole bunch of women, but can only get the crazy one to come home with him. He and Rachel end up having a fight and Rachel says their situation is getting weird and decides to move back in with Joey. Phoebe convinces Monica to join her at Mike's piano bar, and finally convinces Monica to get up and sing. Monica is excited when her first song gets cheers from the mostly male audience, and Phoebe doesn't have the heart to tell her that it's not because of her voice, but because her shirt becomes see-through when she's in the spotlight. When Chandler shows up and puts a stop to it, Monica decides to keep singing anyway because she enjoys the cheers.

#14 The One With the Blind Dates: Aired Thursday, February 6, 2003

Phoebe and Joey purposely set up Ross and Rachel on lousy blind dates so that they'll realize they should actually be together and be a family with Emma. Ross gets stood up, and becomes the subject of a bet by restaurant waiters, while Rachel ends up with a loser of a guy who constantly talks about what a loser he is. Joey is horrified when he finds Chandler and Monica having sex when they're supposed to be babysitting Emma, and threatens to tell Rachel about it if they don't name their firstborn child Joey.

#15 The One With the Mugging: Aired Thursday, February 13, 2003

Joey gets a part in a Broadway play by impressing the famous director with his I-have-to-pee performance. After Phoebe and Ross are mugged by one of Phoebe's old friends from her living-on-the-street days, it comes to light that Phoebe mugged Ross when she was 14 years old. Chandler gets a job as an intern at an advertising agency. He feels like he can't possibly compete with the college students that share his lowly position, but he manages to impress his boss with ideas that come from life experience.

#16 The One With the Boob Job: Aired Thursday, February 20, 2003

Chandler and Monica, low on funds, each secretly go to Joey to borrow money. When Chandler realizes that Monica borrowed money from Joey before he did, Joey lies to Chandler and says that Monica borrowed the money for a boob job. Chandler freaks out and, without revealing what Joey told him, tries to communicate to Monica that he likes her body just the way it is, but Monica misunderstands and thinks Chandler is worried about how her body will change when she gets pregnant. Mike and Phoebe decide to move in together, but when Phoebe finds out that Mike never wants to get married ever again after his first disastrous marriage, she realizes that she does want to get married someday, and so they break up instead. Rachel babyproofs her and Joey's apartment, and Joey finds that he can't get into anything anymore.

#17 The One With the Memorial Service: Aired Thursday, March 13, 2003

Chandler and Ross start posting silly things about each other on their college alumni web site, until Chandler takes it a step too far and posts that Ross has died. Ross is angry with Chandler until he realizes that no one has posted or called with condolences. Ross becomes obsessed with finding out if anyone would mourn him if he really died, and forces Chandler to host a fake memorial service for him. One beautiful woman shows up and admits that she used to have a crush on Ross, but when Ross reveals himself to be alive, she calls him a sick man and runs away. Joey goes to battle with Emma over an old favorite stuffed animal. Monica tries to help Phoebe stay away from Mike after their break-up, but when she hears Mike profess his feelings for Phoebe, even Monica can't help but encourage Phoebe to sleep with him one last time.

#18 The One With the Lottery: Aired Thursday, April 3, 2003

The friends decide to pool their money and buy a big block of tickets for the multimillion-dollar powerball jackpot. Ross originally scoffs at the others for their lottery fever, but ends up getting caught up in it. Before they even know if they've won, the friends start to fight over the tickets, and when Phoebe tries to stop the fighting she loses half the tickets due to a stray pigeon the balcony. The friends don't win anything, but they find out later that a guy who found a ticket on the street won $10,000. Rachel and Ross eagerly await Emma's first word, which turns out to be "gleba," an esoteric scientific term. Chandler is depressed when three of his fellow interns get offered the three open assistant jobs at his firm. However, he finds out soon after that he has been promoted to a junior copy writer since his boss thinks he's too good (and too old) to be an assistant.

#19 The One With Rachel's Dream: Aired Thursday, April 17, 2003

Rachel goes to work with Joey to watch him do a love scene on Days of Our Lives, and later has a romantic dream about him. She consults Monica, and decides that she doesn't have a thing for Joey, she has a thing for Drake Ramoray, but questions this decision later when Joey talks about how he was in love with her. Monica is proud when her restaurant is booked solid for the next month, but when Phoebe uses the opportunity to play guitar for the restaurant patrons, Monica tells her friend that her music isn't classy enough for her restaurant. Phoebe and Monica feud, insulting each other's music and cooking, until they realize that they're both being silly and apologize to each other. Chandler plans a romantic getaway in a bed and breakfast in Vermont for him and Monica, but when Monica is stuck at the restaurant, he and Ross go instead. When the hotel totally rips Chandler off, he gets pissed, and he and Ross, who is high on maple candy, steal as much "free stuff" from the hotel as they can get their hands on.

#20 The One With the Soap Opera Party: Aired Thursday, April 24, 2003

Joey tries to trick his friends into going to a one-woman play while he secretly throws a party on the roof for his Days of Our Lives friends. Everyone finds out about Joey's duplicity except for Chandler, who ends up attending the horrible play by himself. Monica makes a complete ass of herself when she meets all the soap opera stars at Joey's party. Ross gets a new co-worker, a beautiful and brilliant female paleontologist named Charlie, and is immediately attracted to her, but he's intimidated by her Nobel laureate ex-boyfriends. Rachel, who can't deny her attraction to Joey, decides she's going to tell him how she feels, and Ross decides to make a move on Charlie, but Ross and Rachel are surprised to find Joey and Charlie lip-locked in the corner.

#21 The One With the Fertility Test: Aired Thursday, May 1, 2003

Without telling their friends, Monica and Chandler go to get fertility tests and run into Janice at the doctor's office. The couple is devastated when they find out that they both have fertility problems. Although Ross is still a bit bitter about losing Charlie to Joey, he helps Joey act smart enought to talk to Charlie, and even encourages Charlie to stay with Joey when she has her doubts about the relationship. Phoebe makes Rachel promise not to get a massage at a big corporate-runspa even though she has a gift certificate. Both friends are busted when Rachel breaks her promise and goes to the spa, only to find that Phoebe, who is so against spas like this, actually works there because the money is good.

#22 The One With the Donor: Aired Thursday, May 8, 2003

At Joey's urging, Rachel takes Charlie shopping for new clothes. Phoebe tags along because she's going to a party that night where she knows she's going to see Mike, and she wants to get a new dress. In the dressing room, Phoebe and Rachel talk about how Rachel feels about Joey, and Charlie overhears. Rachel is devastated, until it becomes clear that Charlie mis-heard and thought that it was Phoebe that had the crush on Joey. Rachel doesn't correct her. Phoebe, in her amazing new dress, runs into David, who is back in New York from Minsk, and she decides to go out with him instead of going to the party. Monica and Chandler decide to look for a sperm donor, and Chandler brings home a handsome coworker as an option. Chandler and Monica completely freak out Chandler's coworker by asking strange family history questions, and then later decide that they would actually prefer to adopt. Ross is up for keynote speaker at a paleontology conference in Barbados, but when his one-man audience at his audition falls asleep, he thinks fast and tricks the old man into giving him the job.

#23 The One in Barbados: Aired Thursday, May 15, 2003

The whole gang goes to Barbados for Ross's keynote speech at the paleontology conference. Phoebe brings David, but accidentally calls him Mike. David decides he should propose to her since she broke up with Mike because he didn't want to get married. Monica realizes that Phoebe still has feelings for Mike and calls Mike, who shows up and proposes to Phoebe in the middle of David's proposal. Phoebe says she doesn't want to marry him right away, but does love him and want to be with him. David bows out gracefully. Rachel continues to pine after Joey, as Charlie and Ross bond over recreating his speech after his computer eats it. Monica has big hair problems in the humidity.

Because of the constant rain, Monica and Mike end up in a ping pong battle. Phoebe is turned on by Mike's competitive side. When Monica hurts her hand, Chandler takes over for her because he knows how important it is to her to win, and he beats Mike in a sudden death match. Joey and Charlie finally realize they have nothing in common and break up. Rachel admits to Joey that she has feelings for him, and he says he still has feelings for her, but they can't be together because of Ross. Charlie admits to Ross that she has feelings for him, and Ross tries to fight his feelings for her because of Joey, but fails. After Joey sees Charlie and Ross kissing, he goes to Rachel's hotel room and kisses her. Rachel is very happy that Joey changed his mind.

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