3rd Season

#1 TOW the Princess Leia Fantasy
#2 TOW No One's Ready
#3 TOW the Jam
#4 TOW the Metaphorical Tunnel
#5 TOW Frank Jr.
#6 TOW the Flashback
#7 TOW the Race Car Bed
#8 TOW the Giant Poking Device
#9 TOW The Football
#10 TOW Rachel Quits
#11 TOW Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister
#12 TOW All the Jealousy
#13 TOW Monica and Richard are Friends
#14 TOW Phoebe's Ex-Partner
#15 TOW Ross and Rachel Take a Break
#16 TOW the Morning After
#17 TO Without the Ski Trip
#18 TOW the Hypnosis Tape
#19 TOW The Tiny T-shirt
#20 TOW the Dollhouse
#21 TOW a Chick. And A Duck
#22 TOW the Screamer
#23 TOW Ross's Thing
#24 TOW the Ultimate Fighting Champion
#25 TO at The Beach

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#1 The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy

Chandler is getting serious about Janice, but Joey can't stand her. Ross tells Rachel about his fantasy about her dressing up as Princess Leia, and is then crushed when Rachel tells Phoebe. (She makes it up to him by fulfilling his fantasy, however.) Monica is not dealing well with her breakup with Richard.

#2 The One Where No One's Ready

Ross stresses when no one is ready to go to his formal museum banquet on time, and he pisses off Rachel. Joey and Chandler fight over a chair. Richard calls Monica and she starts playing dangerous games with his answering machine.

#3 The One with the Jam

Monica tries to get over Richard first by making jam, and then by having a baby. Joey dislocates his shoulder jumping on his bed, and rediscovers his love for jam. Chandler ends up flipping Janice out of bed and onto the floor while doing Ross's hug-and-roll move, and then Janice tells Rachel about Ross's hug-and-roll move. Phoebe tries to help a man who has been stalking her twin sister.

#4 The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel

Phoebe is a better agent than Joey's agent, but she can't handle breaking bad news. Chandler is scared of committment with Janice, so he tries to be super-committed-guy and scares her off. Ross is freaking out because his son's favorite new toy is a Barbie doll.

#5 The One With Frank Jr.

Phoebe has trouble bonding with her younger half-brother. Everyone makes lists of celebrities that they are allowed to sleep with without their significant others getting mad, and Ross meets Isabella Rosellini just after Chandler convinces him to take her off his list. Joey starts building an enormous entertainment center in his and Chandler's apartment and drives Chandler nuts with all the mishaps.

#6 The One With the Flashback

The friends flashback to three years earlier when Joey moved in with Chandler and got naked with Monica, Phoebe moved out of Monica's apartment and made out with Ross on a pool table, and Rachel fantasized about Chandler.

#7 The One With the Race Car Bed

The only way Ross and Rachel's father can get along is by putting down Rachel. Joey gets a job teaching acting for soap operas, and tries to sabotage one of his students who is auditioning for the same part on "All My Children" as Joey is. Monica accidently ends up with a race car bed when she goes to buy a new bed from Janice's husband, the Mattress King.

#8 The One With the Giant Poking Device

Phoebe goes to the dentist and thinks she's killed Ugly Naked Guy. While Rachel and Monica are babysitting Ben, Monica bangs his head on a beam. Chandler confronts Janice about her fooling around with her ex-husband, and Janice leaves him.

#9 The One With the Football

The gang plays football on Thanksgiving, and an old football rivalry between Monica and Ross is reborn. Chandler and Joey compete over a pretty Dutch woman.

#10 The One Where Rachel Quits

Ross accidently breaks a young girl's leg while she's selling cookies door-to-door, so he sells the cookies for her. Monica rediscovers her cookie addiction. Phoebe is against Joey selling Christmas trees and throwing the old ones in the chipper. When Rachel has to be retrained for her waitressing job, she quits.

#11 The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister

Chandler, after seeing Janice, gets drunk at Joey's birthday party and then get can't remember which of Joey's sisters he slept with. Rachel is miserable at her new job, and meets a stranger who says he'll help her get a job a Bloomingdale's, but Ross is suspicious and jealous. Phoebe dates the noisy-but-charming guy upstairs.

#12 The One with All the Jealousy

Ross is still jealous of Rachel and her new co-worker, Mark. Monica starts dating Julio from the diner where she works. He's a burgeoning poet, but Phoebe thinks his poetry about Monica says bad things. Joey lies on his resume that he has lots of dance experience, and then has to be a stand-in dance captain for a Broadway audition. Chandler gets a stripper for his cousin's bachelor party.

#13 The One Where Monica and Richard are Friends

Joey gives Rachel "The Shining" to read while he reads Rachel's favorite, "Little Women." Monica almost gets back together with Richard. Phoebe dates a guy who can't keep his package in his pants.

#14 The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner

Chandler is a little weirded out when he dates a girl with a fake leg, but she breaks things off when she discovers his third nipple. Ross is jealous that Rachel now has a job and a life that has nothing to do with him. Phoebe's ex-singing partner wants to get back together, but ends up stealing one of Phoebe's songs for a commercial jingle.

#15 The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break

Ross and Rachel break up on their anniversary and Ross is seduced by the cute copy shop girl. Phoebe dates a diplomat who doesn't speak English and sets Monica up with his translator.

#16 The One with the Morning After

Rachel finds out that Ross slept with Chloe. Monica and Phoebe painfully wax their legs.

#17 The One Without the Ski Trip

The gang tries to figure out how to still hang out together when Ross and Rachel can't stand to be around each other. Ross has to rescue everyone when they go skiing with Rachel and get stranded on the way there. Chandler starts smoking again.

#18 The One With the Hypnosis Tape

Monica goes out on a date with a millionaire. Chandler uses a hypnosis tape to stop smoking, but it starts turning him into a woman. Phoebe's little brother gets engaged to an older women who wants to start having children right away.

#19 The One With the Tiny T-shirt

Rachel tries to move on by going out on a date with Mark. Monica loves dating Pete, but isn't attracted to him. Joey has a crush on his new bitchy co-star.

#20 The One With the Dollhouse

Rachel sets up Chandler with her boss. Monica and Phoebe play with Monica's inherited dollhouse. Joey sleeps with his co-star who is dating the director of their play.

#21 The One With a Chick. And a Duck.

Joey and Chandler get a baby chick and a duck. Ross sacrifices a TV appearance to help Rachel out when she needs to go to the hospital. Pete asks Monica to be the head chef at his new restaurant and lies that he met someone else.

#22 The One with the Screamer

Rachel is dating a freaky guy who yells about minor things, but only Ross sees it. Phoebe is on hold waiting to speak to someone about getting her phone fixed. Joey finally bonds with Kate, but then she decides to move back to L.A.

#23 The One with Ross's Thing

Ross has a growth that no doctor can diagnose. Phoebe can't handle dating two guys at once. The gang thinks Pete is going to propose to Monica.

#24 The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion

Chandler's new boss likes to slap him on the butt. Monica's boyfriend Pete starts ultimate fighting and when he keeps getting destroyed she has to dump him. Rachel is upset when Phoebe sets Ross up with a beautiful woman.

#25 The One at The Beach

Rachel, jealous of Ross's new girlfriend, convinces her to shave her head, and then Ross and Rachel admit that they still love eachother. Phoebe meets her mother's best friend and finds out that she could actually be her real mom. The gang plays strip-Happy-Days-game. Chandler tells Monica he could be her boyfriend if she never finds one.


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