4th Season

#1 TOW the Jellyfish
#2 TOW the Cat
#3 TOW the Cuffs
#4 TOW the Ballroom Dancing
#5 TOW Joey's New Girlfriend
#6 TOW the Dirty Girl
#7 TOW Chandler Crosses the Line
#8 TOW Chandler In a Box
#9 TOW They're Going to Party!
#10 TOW the Girl from Poughkeepsie
#11 TOW Phoebe's Uterus
#12 TOW the Embryos
#13 TOW Rachel's Crush
#14 TOW the Joey's Dirty Day
#15 TOW all the Rugby
#16 TOW the Fake Party
#17 TOW the Free Porn
#18 TOW Rachel's New Dress
#19 TOW all the Haste
#20 TOW all the Wedding Dresses
#21 TOW the Invitation
#22 TOW the Worst Best Man Ever
#23 TOW Ross's Wedding

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#1 The One With the Jellyfish

Ross and Rachel get back together under false pretenses. Phoebe gets to know her real mom. Monica gets stung by a jellyfish and Chandler and Joey help her take care of it.

#2 The One With the Cat

Pheobe finds a stray cat and thinks it is the reincarnation of her mother. Monica dates Rachel's old prom date, and he might as well still be in high school. Joey and Chandler try to sell the huge entertainment center and end up getting robbed. Ross and Rachel feud.

#3 The One With the Cuffs

Chandler starts sleeping with Rachel's boss, Joanna, and she handcuffs him in her office. Monica caters for her mother and narrowly averts the disaster her mother expects. Joey buys one encyclopedia.

#4 The One With the Ballroom Dancing

To keep Rachel and Monica from being evicted from their apartment, Joey becomes the superintendant's dance partner for ballroom dancing lessons. Phoebe has a crush on a client and bites him on the butt. Phoebe ends up kissing her client, and then gets fired and finds out that he's married. Ross tries to help Chandler quit the gym, and instead ends up joining it himself.

#5 The One With Joey's New Girlfriend

Chandler falls in love with Joey's new girlfriend, Kathy. Phoebe gets a cold and likes her new sick singing voice, so when she gets better she tries to get sick again. Ross and Rachel are each carrying on ridiculous relationships to make each other jealous.

#6 The One with the Dirty Girl

Ross dates a hot paleontologist who is a complete slob. Chandler gives Joey his incredible gift for Joey's girlfriend Kathy so that Joey can give it to her. Phoebe and Monica decide to go into business together in catering because Monica can cook and Phoebe can be a hardass about money. Rachel finally completes a crossword puzzle by herself.

#7 The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line

Chandler finally can't stand it anymore and he kisses Kathy, Joey's girlfriend. Ross plays his ridiculous keyboard music for everyone, and only Phoebe appreciates it... so much that she's intimidated by Ross's skill.

#8 The One with Chandler in a Box

Joey makes Chandler sit in a box for many hours to make up for kissing his girlfriend. Monica kisses Dr. Burke's son. Did I mention it's Thanksgiving?

#9 The One Where They're Going to Party!

Ross and Chandler go out partying with Joey and realize they're not as young as they used to be. Monica abandons Phoebe and the catering business to become the new head chef at a restaurant that she reviews poorly. Rachel is about to be promoted when her boss gets hit by a cab and dies.

#10 The One With the Girl From Poughkeepsie

Ross has trouble deciding between a girl from Poughkeepsie and a girl who lives uptown, but ends up with a girl from Canada. Chandler has fun entertaining offers from his co-workers who want to date Rachel, but then screws up her great date. Monica hires Joey so that she can fire him in front of her unruly employees. Phoebe tries to write a holiday song for everyone.

#11 The One With Phoebe's Uterus

Phoebe agrees to be a surrogate mother for her brother and his wife. Joey gets a job tour guiding at the museum, and he and Ross break social boundaries at lunch between scientists and tour guides. Chandler gets pointers on sleeping with Kathy from Monica when he's intimidated by following in Joey's footsteps.

#12 The One With the Embryos

Phoebe is implanted with the embryos... and they take! Monica and Rachel lose their apartment to Chandler and Joey in a contest of who knows their neighbors better.

#13 The One With Rachel's Crush

Monica misses being the hostess when everyone hangs out at Joey and Chandler's new big apartment. Chandler thinks Kathy is cheating on him with her co-star. Rachel becomes a personal shopper and develops a crush on a rich cute customer.

#14 The One with Joey's Dirty Day

Rachel accidentally sets Ross up with a great girl. Joey gets busted using Charlton Heston's shower. The girls take Chandler to a strip club to help him get over Kathy.

#15 The One with All the Rugby

Ross plays Rugby to impress Emily. Chandler lies to Janice that he's moving to Yemen to ditch her. Monica tries to figure out what a certain light switch does.

#16 The One with the Fake Party

Phoebe craves meat. Rachel throws a fake surprise going-away party for Emily so she can invite Joshua out.

#17 The One with The Free Porn

Joey and Chandler find out they have free porn on their TV, but they're afraid to turn it off in case they lose it. Phoebe finds out that she's carrying triplets and tries to make some money to help Frank and Alice afford to raise them. Emily and Ross finally admit their true feelings for each other... on wrong sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

#18 The One with Rachel's New Dress

Ross stresses when Emily gets along with Susan. Phoebe gets to name one of the three babies she's carrying and Chandler and Joey lobby for their names. Rachel meets Joshua's parents while wearing only lingerie.

#19 The One with All the Haste

Ross and Emily get engaged. Monica and Rachel get their apartment back.

#20 The One with All the Wedding Dresses

Monica and Phoebe get off on wearing wedding dresses around the house. Rachel proposes to Joshua when she hears that Ross is getting married in four weeks. Joey starts snoring and Chandler takes him to a sleep clinic.

#21 The One with the Invitation

When Emily suggests that Ross might not want to invite Rachel to the wedding, Ross reflects on his relationship with Rachel through flashbacks. When Rachel considers not going to the wedding, she reflects on her relationship with Ross through flashbacks.

#22 The One with the Worst Best Man Ever

Joey loses Ross's wedding ring. Phoebe's mood swings are scaring Rachel and Monica.

#23 The One with Ross's Wedding

The gang, minus Phoebe and Rachel, go to London for the wedding. Joey embarasses Chandler while they do the tourist thing. Emily almost postpones the wedding when the church is demolished. Rachel realizes she's still in love with Ross.

Joey is homesick. Chandler and Monica end up in bed together. Ross's father is upset about wedding expenses. Rachel goes to London to tell Ross she loves him, but can't go through with it. Phoebe desperately tries to warn someone that Rachel is coming to ruin the wedding. Ross says the wrong name at the altar.

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