7th Season

#1 TOW Monica's Thunder
#2 TOW Rachel's Book
#3 TOW Phoebe's Cookies
#4 TOW Rachel's Assistant
#5 TOW the Engagement Picture
#6 TOW the Nap Partners
#7 TOW Ross's Library Book
#8 TOW Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs
#9 TOW all the Candy
#10 TOW the Holiday Armadillo
#11 TOW All the Cheesecakes
#12 TOW They're Up All Night
#13 TOW Rosita Dies
#14 TOW They All Turn Thirty
#15 TOW Joey's New Brain
#16 TOW the Truth About London
#17 TOW the Cheap Wedding Dress
#18 TOW Joey's Award
#19 TOW Ross and Monica's Cousin
#20 TOW Rachel's Big Kiss
#21 TOW the Vows
#22 TOW Chandler's Dad
#23 TOW Monica and Chandler's Wedding

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#1 The One With Monica's Thunder: Aired Thursday, October 12, 2000

To celebrate her engagement, Monica suggests everyone get dressed up and go to the Plaza for champagne. Chandler suggests a quickie while they're getting changed, and then is horrified when he is unable to perform. Rachel mentions to Ross that they've never had a bonus night, where they get back together just for one night of sex after breaking up. Monica finds Rachel and Ross kissing in the hallway, and gets upset that now the night is going to be about them getting back together instead of her engagement. Phoebe wants to perform at the wedding. Joey is auditioning for a commercial in which he has to be nineteen. Phoebe eats Joey's candybar.

#2 The One With Rachel's Book: Aired Thursday, October 12, 2000

Monica is horrified when she finds out that her parents spent her wedding fund on their beach house. She thinks she'll have to give up on the wedding of her dreams until she finds out that Chandler has just enough money saved to pay for it. Chandler doesn't want to spend his life savings on their wedding, because he was saving for their future, but he eventually gives in. However, when Monica hears the future he was planning for them, she agrees that it's not worth giving up just for a big wedding. Joey, while taking a nap in Rachel's bed (because the duck puked in his), discovers the erotic novel she has been reading, and teases her about it mercilessly. Phoebe moves in with Ross to give the newly-engaged a little space, but he puts his foot down when she tries to move her massage business in as well. However, when a beautiful woman comes to the door asking for a masseur, Ross says he's her man. He realizes his mistake when he finds himself massaging the woman's elderly father, and Phoebe is furious when Ross loses her a good client.

#3 The One With Phoebe's Cookies: Aired Thursday, October 19, 2000

Monica tries to deconstruct Phoebe's grandmother's chocolate-chip cookie recipe from the one remaining cookie after Phoebe finds out that the recipe was lost in the fire. It turns out the recipe was just from the back of the chocolate chip package. Chandler plays raquetball with his future father-in-law and is incredibly embarrassed when he sits on Jack's lap naked in the steam room. Rachel tries to teach Joey how to sail his boat and finds herself yelling at Joey just the way her father used to yell at her.

#4 The One With Rachel's Assistant: Aired Thursday, October 26, 2000

When Rachel is promoted, she gets to hire an assistant, and even though she knows it's a bad decision, she hires an underqualified cute guy over a more qualified matronly woman. She lies to other women in the office that he's gay, and when he expresses interest in asking out Phoebe, she tells him that Phoebe is gay. When Joey is called to "Days of Our Lives" and they ask him to audition for the part of Dr. Drake Remoray's twin brother, he acts like a spoiled star now that he has his own cop-and-robot series on cable. When he finds out that "Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E." has been cancelled, he goes crawling back and manages to convince the powers that be at "Days" to bring back Drake from the dead. When Chandler and Monica decide that they should tell each other all their secrets since they're getting married, Chandler tells Monica an embarassing story about Ross. When Ross finds out, the three of them end up almost destroying their friendship when they engage in a tell-all free-for-all.

#5 The One With the Engagement Picture: Aired Thursday, November 2, 2000

Rachel lies to a woman in her office who is going to ask out Tag that he has plans that night, so then Rachel asks Joey to take Tag out so that it will be true. Tag and Joey have a great time picking up women, so then Rachel has to bribe Joey to convince Tag that picking up lots of different women isn't rewarding. Joey is so convincing that Tag decides to get back together with his ex-girlfriend. Monica and Chandler try to take a nice portrait together for the newspaper announcement of their engagement, but everytime Chandler gets in front of a camera he has an uncontrollable moronic smile. Monica ends up taking her picture with Joey instead. Ross and Phoebe date both halves of a divorced couple and end up bringing their dates' fights into their own friendship. Both Ross and Phoebe get dumped with the divorcees decide to get back together.

#6 The One With the Nap Partners: Aired Thursday, November 9, 2000

Rachel and Phoebe compete to be Monica's maid of honor and Phoebe wins according to judges Ross and Joey. However, when Phoebe realizes how much Rachel has prepared for this day and how important it is to her, she relinquishes the position to Rachel. Ross and Joey accidentally take a nap together on Ross's couch and realize that they have the best naps together. Joey keeps trying to seduce Ross into napping again, and finally Ross gives in, except then they're busted by their friends on Joey's couch. Monica meets an ex-girlfriend of Chandler's from summer camp named Julie. When Monica finds out that Chandler broke up with Julie because she got fat, she asks Chandler to apologize to the now slim woman. Chandler does so, but it turns out that Julie didn't realize he broke up with her because she was fat. Chandler assures Monica that he would never break up with her if she were to gain weight again.

#7 The One With Ross's Library Book: Aired Thursday, November 16, 2000

Ross is horrified when he finds his dissertation in a section of the library only used for making out. He decides to patrol the area to make sure it's no longer used that way, but ends up falling for a beautiful blonde who is the only person who has actually read his dissertation, and he himself gets busted for making out in that section of the library. Joey sleeps with a girl named Erin, and when he leaves her in his apartment with Rachel, Rachel and Phoebe get along really well with her. They try to prevent Joey from dumping her like all the other women in his life, and when they trick him into going out on a second date with her, he actually starts to fall for her. Unfortunately, Erin isn't looking for a long-term relationship and Rachel and Phoebe feel terrible when she dumps Joey. Monica runs into Janice at the restaurant where she works and through a series of misunderstandings, Janice thinks that Chandler and Monica are her new best friends and that she's invited to the wedding. Monica has to tell Janice that Chandler still has feelings for her in order to get her to go away.

#8 The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs: Aired Thursday, November 23, 2000

Rachel's assistant Tag breaks up with his girlfriend and joins the gang for Thanksgiving. When Joey lets it slip about Rachel's crush on Tag, Rachel admits to Tag that she has feelings for him and they end up sharing a kiss. Chandler challenges everyone to write down all fifty states of the U.S., and when Ross scoffs at everyone for not being able to do it, Chandler tells him he can't have Thanksgiving dinner until he names all fifty. Ross realizes it's not as easy as he thought it was. Monica and Chandler find out that Phoebe has been taking care of a friend's dog for the last three days and hiding the shaggy beast in her bedroom in their apartment. Everyone is surprised when Monica is actually welcoming to the canine, but Chandler is the one who has an unnatural fear of dogs, even going so far as to claim a fake allergy. Chandler tries to accept the furry friend after Ross tells him a made up story about Monica's childhood pet that was taken away from her.

#9 The One with all the Candy: Aired Thursday, December 7, 2000

Phoebe admits that she never had a bike as a kid, so Ross gets her one as a gift. When he realizes that Phoebe can't ride the bike, Ross tries to teach her, but she's so stubborn that they end up putting training wheels on it. Monica makes candy and puts it out for the neighbors, but it becomes so popular that she can't fill the demand and there is a mob scene at her front door. Rachel writes a joke evaluation for Tag full of sexual innuendo that actually makes it to the head of human resources and Tag protects Rachel's job by taking the blame for writing it.

#10 The One with the Holiday Armadillo: Aired Thursday, December 14, 2000

Ross tries to teach his son, Ben, about Hannukah, but Ben is so focused on the traditions of Christmas that Ross finds himself dressing up as a holiday armadillo to compete with Santa. Phoebe finds out that her apartment is all fixed up from the fire and becomes worried that Rachel is having so much fun living with Joey that she won't want to move back in with Phoebe. Phoebe buys a number of presents for Joey to drive Rachel out of his apartment, all of which backfire, and then finally admits to Rachel her fear. Rachel assures Phoebe that she definitely wants to move back in with her, but when they go to look at the refurbished apartment they find it's been converted back to a one-bedroom and Rachel ends up staying with Joey anyway. Monica and Chandler try to go out for a nice dinner, but find themselves thwarted by a snotty maitre d' even though they have reservations. Chandler just isn't slick enough to be able to sneak the maitre d' some money to get them a table.

#11 The One With All the Cheesecakes: Aired Thursday, January 4, 2001

Rachel and Chandler become obsessed with cheesecakes that they steal from their downstairs neighbor's front door after they're delivered. Monica is pissed off that she wasn't invited to her cousin's wedding when the rest of her family was, so she convinces Ross to take her as his date. She's in the process of ambushing the bride when it becomes perfectly clear why she wasn't invited... when she meets her cousin's new husband. Phoebe gives Joey a hard time about cancelling dinner plans to go on a date, so when they remake dinner plans and then Phoebe's scientist love, David, comes back into town from Minsk for one night, she has trouble justifying bagging on Joey. Although Joey is initially pissed, he realizes how much Phoebe cares about David, and is a supportive friend when she needs one after David leaves.

#12 The One Where They're Up All Night: Aired Thursday, January 11, 2001

It's a long sleepless night for the whole gang. Ross and Joey get stuck up on the roof after a botched attempt at comet-watching. Rachel and Tag try to spend a romantic night together but end up arguing about work and going into the office so each can prove the other wrong about some missing contracts. Phoebe goes to war with a smoke detector in her apartment that won't stop beeping.

#13 The One Where Rosita Dies: Aired Thursday, February 1, 2001

Monica is convinced that her parents love Ross more than her. Rachel breaks Joey's barcalounger. Phoebe gets a job telemarketing and her first call is to a suicidal supply manager.

#14 The One Where They All Turn Thirty: Aired Thursday, February 8, 2001

When Rachel turns thirty, her friends reminisce about their own thirtieth birthdays to comfort her. Rachel breaks up with Tag.

#15 The One with Joey's New Brain: Aired Thursday, February 15, 2001

Joey's character on DOOL (Days of Our Lives) comes out of a coma and get a brain transplant from a departing diva. Joey romances the diva in real life and helps make her send off from a twenty-year character much easier. Monica and Chandler try to convince Ross that it's not a good idea to play a Kool and the Gang song on bagpipes at their wedding. Rachel and Phoebe compete over who gets to return a cell phone to a very good-looking guy who left it at the coffee shop. After spending a day fighting over it, they find out that the actual cell phone owner is a distinguished elderly gentleman, and only Phoebe is still interested.

#16 The One With the Truth About London: Aired Thursday, February 22, 2001

Phoebe is worried about side-effects when Monica gives her pills for a headache. Monica and Chandler are having trouble finding a minister to marry them, so they tell Joey, newly ordained from the internet, that he can perform the ceremony. While Monica and Chandler reminiscing about how their relationship started in London to help Joey's speech, one of Phoebe's well-timed questions brings up the fact that Monica was actually looking for Joey to sleep with on that first night. Chandler is initially upset, but after talking to Joey and Monica he realizes that it doesn't matter who Monica was looking for because she fell in love with him. Rachel babysits Ben and teaches him a bunch of practical jokes that drive Ross nuts, so to get back at her Ross and Ben pull a great practical joke on her.

#17 The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress: Aired Thursday, March 15, 2001

Chandler is excited about having the Swing Kings play and his wedding. Monica meets a woman named Megan at a bridal shop and tells her about a huge sale at a bridal warehouse in Brooklyn. The next day, at the sale, Monica finds herself literally fighting with Megan over a wedding dress. Monica wins the fight, but then Megan books the Swing Kings for the date of Monica's wedding and says she'll let them go for the dress. Monica tries to convince Chandler that he doesn't want the Swing Kings, but when she finds out the romantic reason that he really wants the band she gives up the dress for the band without even telling him about her sacrifice. Ross and Joey realize that they're dating the same new girl in the neighborhood, and while they're busy trying to make each other look bad in her eyes, she ditches them both.

#18 The One with Joey's Award: Aired Thursday, March 29, 2001

Joey gets nominated for a Sopie Award and is incredibly disappointed when he doesn't win. Later on in the awards ceremony Joey presents an award, and ends up "accepting on her behalf" for his co-star Jessica Ashley. He wants to steal Jessica's award permanently, but Rachel convinces him to give it to the real winner. When they give Jessica her award, she scoffs at it compared to her "real" awards, so they quietly steal it back. Ross's student, Ned, fails his mid-term, but Ross changes Ned's grade after Ned admits to being in love with the handsome professor. Ross later finds out from another student that Ned has done this with other professors and Ned actually has a girlfriend, so he changes Ned's grade back, but some other professors witness the easy-to-misinterpret situation, so Ross promises Ned a C if he doesn't make the situation any worse than it already is. Monica watches Phoebe in a new and intoxicating relationship and suddenly realizes that she's never going to have that again. Monica conveys her fears to Chandler who easily puts them to rest.

#19 The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin: Aired Thursday, April 19, 2001

Rachel and Phoebe suddenly realize that Monica's wedding is only weeks away and they haven't planned a bridal shower yet. They scramble to put one together in two days, but the whole thing is a double disaster when they forget to invite bride-to-be. Monica and Ross's cousin Cassie comes to visit, and Monica asks Ross to put her up because she doesn't like the way Chandler drools when Cassie tosses her long luxurious hair. Ross is terrified when he too can't take his eyes off his sexy cousin, but eventually convinces himself that she wants him too and leans in for a kiss. Cassie is disgusted, and Ross is embarrassed. Cassie goes to stay with Phoebe and Phoebe also finds herself captivated by the long-haired beauty. To get a role in a major film, Joey is required to do a nude scene, which is no problem, but he is also required to be uncircumcised, which is a problem, so he lies. Monica helps Joey fashion a fake foreskin from Silly Putty, but at his final audition the fake falls off. Monica and Chandler decide to not have sex until their wedding, but then fake a fight to momentarily call off the wedding so that they can renege on their vow.

#20 The One with Rachel's Big Kiss: Aired Thursday, April 26, 2001

Rachel bumps into an old sorority sister from college with whom she has a sordid past. Chandler has problems finding the right tuxedo for his wedding. Joey convinces Monica to invite his parents to the wedding.

#21 The One with the Vows: Aired Thursday, May 3, 2001

Both Monica and Chandler are having trouble writing their vows for their wedding, so through a series of flashbacks they look back at their lives as friends, how they became a couple, how everyone found out they were a couple, and how they got engaged. The friends reflect on how their friendship might change when two of them get married. Monica ends up with vows that make tears come to her friends' eyes, while Chandler ends up with vows that make his friends laugh aloud.

#22 The One with Chandler's Dad: Aired Thursday, May 10, 2001

When Monica finds out that Chandler isn't inviting his cross-dressing father to the wedding, she insists that they go to Las Vegas and see him. They go to see Chandler's dad's transvestite show where he performs cabaret as Helena Handbasket. Although Chandler is ready to run out the door, he ends up inviting Helena to the wedding during the show. When Rachel finds out that Monica lets everyone drive her Porsche except Rachel, she swipes the keys and takes a reluctant Ross on a joy ride. Rachel is stopped for speeding, but flirts her way out of a ticket, and then Ross is stopped for going too slowly and does get a ticket. When Phoebe tells Joey she doesn't think he's man enough to wear women's underwear, he proves her wrong, but they both quickly realize that he's way too into it and should take them off.

#23 The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Aired Thursday, May 17, 2001

Chandler gets cold feet and runs away the night before his wedding to Monica. Ross goes hunting for Chandler while Phoebe and Rachel discover a positive pregnancy test in Monica's bathroom. Ross recovers Chandler and gets him step by step to the wedding. At the last minute, Chandler overhears Phoebe and Rachel talking about Monica's pregnancy, and freaks out all over again, but then realizes that a baby is nothing to be scared of. Joey gets a last-minute role in a movie opposite a famous actor, but is disturbed when his co-star spits on him while saying his lines. Joey learns good diction from his co-star and starts spitting back. Joey gets scheduled to work the day of the wedding, and when his co-star shows up drunk the filming goes late enough to cut into the wedding. Joey kidnaps his co-star and makes it the wedding just in time to perform the ceremony. After they say their vows, Chandler admits to Monica that he knows about the baby. Monica asks what baby. Rachel looks nervous about the future.

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