8th Season

#1 TO After I Do
#2 TOW the Red Sweater
#3 TOW Rachel Tells...
#4 TOW the Videotape
#5 TOW Rachel's Date
#6 TOW the Halloween Party
#7 TOW the Stain
#8 TOW the Stripper
#9 TOW the Rumor
#10 TOW Monica's Boots
#11 TOW Ross's Step Forward
#12 TOW Joey Dates Rachel
#13 TOW Chandler Takes a Bath
#14 TOW the Secret Closet
#15 TOW the Birthing Video
#16 TOW Joey Tells Rachel
#17 TOW the Tea Leaves
#18 TO in Massapequa
#19 TOW Joey's Interview
#20 TOW the Baby Shower
#21 TOW the Cooking Class
#22 TOW Rachel is Late
#23 TOW Rachel Has a Baby

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#1 The One After I Do: Aired Thursday, September 27, 2001

Phoebe tries to help Rachel hide her pregnancy. Chandler has trouble on the dance floor at his own wedding reception. Joey tries to impress an important Broadway producer. Ross tries to impress a pretty woman by dancing with the young girls at the reception.

#2 The One With the Red Sweater: Aired Thursday, October 4, 2001

Chandler can't find the disposable cameras from the wedding, so he and Ross spend a day crashing another wedding to take fake photos. Monica can't keep herself from opening all the wedding presents even though Chandler isn't there to open them with her. The girls continue the ruse that Phoebe is pregnant when Joey figures out that someone is pregnant. Joey, thinking that Phoebe is going to be a single mom, proposes to her, but when Monica and Phoebe admit that it's actually Rachel, he then proposes in the exact same way to Rachel. Rachel is scared to tell the father that he's going to be a father. Joey finds a red sweater which he says belongs to the guy that Rachel most recently brought hom. Phoebe tries to help her out by setting up a meeting for Rachel and Tag, thinking Tag is the sweater's owner, but it turns out Phoebe is wrong. Tag tells Rachel he wants to get back together, but when Rachel tells him she's pregnant he literally runs away. Later, Ross finds the red sweater in Monica and Chandler's apartment and is relieved to have found his sweater that he's been looking for.

#3 The One Where Rachel Tells...: Aired Thursday, October 11, 2001

Rachel finally tells Ross that he's going to be a father, and although he's initially shocked and pissed off at the condom company, he gets it together in time to track Rachel down at her first sonogram. He tells her he'll be supportive and go through everything with her, and the first step is that they should get married. Rachel says they shouldn't get married unless they're in love. They start to argue, but the sonogram stops them in their tracks and turns them into oooing future parents. Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon, and when Phoebe and Joey realize they no longer have keys to the newlyweds' apartment and need to get in, they fake a gas leak and have the door knocked down. On their honeymoon, Chandler and Monica get pissed when another newlywed couple keeps getting everywhere before them and taking all the free stuff, like airplane seat upgrades and the honeymoon suite, that Chandler and Monica feel they should be getting.

#4 The One With the Videotape: Aired Thursday, October 18, 2001

Monica and Chandler come back from their honeymoon looking forward to getting together with a couple that they met on the plane. They call the number the couple gave them, but end up getting a deli. A jealous Joey and Phoebe say that the couple probably gave Monica and Chandler the wrong number on purpose, and Monica and Chandler start questioning whether or not they were actually as interesting and funny as they thought they were. Ross and Rachel argue over who seduced whom six weeks ago, until Ross admits that he accidentally taped the encounter. Of course all of the friends insist on seeing the tape (just the beginning) to determine who did seduce whom, and although Rachel thinks she got away with it, they all realize that she was the one who hit on Ross.

#5 The One With Rachel's Date: Aired Thursday, October 25, 2001

Chandler is the victim of a name misunderstanding that ends with him trashing his own office. Phoebe and Monica race to dump and fire the same guy. Rachel goes out on a date with one of Joey's cast-mates and Ross freaks out.

#6 The One With the Halloween Party: Aired Thursday, November 1, 2001

Monica has a Halloween party and dresses up as Catwoman. Monica gets a miserable Chandler a pink bunny costume. Ross shows up as Spud-nik, but looks like doodie. Monica and Joey wonder who would win in a fight between Chandler and Ross, and both think Ross would. Chandler thinks they're wrong and challenges Ross to an arm-wrestle. Chandler and Ross are perfectly matched, and neither can win, but Chandler lets Ross win to impress Mona. Rachel gives out the candy to trick-or-treaters, but gives it all away to a cute ballerina and then has to resort to paying the kids. Phoebe runs into her twin, Ursula, and finds out that she's getting married. She invites Ursula and her fiance, Eric, to the party. Phoebe meets Eric and is immediately charmed by him, and then realizes that everything he knows about Ursula is a lie. Phoebe tries to keep Ursula's secret, but finally tells Eric that he is marrying a fraud.

#7 The One With the Stain: Aired Thursday, November 8, 2001

When a giddy Ross learns that pregnant Rachel wants to move out and find her own place, he suggests a vacancy in his building. However, it turns out that the current occupant of the apartment is not quite dead yet, so Ross pretends to be a friend and even learns how to speak Dutch in order to get Rachel an in. Meanwhile, Joey lobbies to get Rachel to stay at his place, and when he sets up a model nursery to show her how well it would work, he convinces her. Phoebe is ecstatic when Eric dumps her twin sister Ursula and asks her out instead, but the relationship quickly becomes too complicated when Eric has sex with Ursula again thinking she's Phoebe. Chandler talks Monica into giving the new maid he's hired a chance, but Monica starts to freak out when she thinks the maid is stealing first her jeans, then her bra. The maid quits when she catches Monica staring at her ass and Chandler tries to get a look at her bra. Monica realizes that Rachel borrowed her jeans and she's actually wearing the bra.

#8 The One With the Stripper: Aired Thursday, November 15, 2001

Rachel tells her belligerent father that she is pregnant with Ross's baby and not getting married. Dr. Green immediately heads to Ross's apartment ask him why he won't marry Rachel, but Ross is there with Mona who doesn't yet know about Rachel's pregnancy. Rachel ends up talking to Mona and convincing her to forgive Ross. Chandler finds out about Monica's secret bachelorette party when they agreed not to do such parties, so a guilty Monica gets Chandler a stripper for his own post-wedding bachelorette party. Unfortunately, Monica screws up and the stripper turns out to be a hooker.

#9 The One With the Rumor: Aired Thursday, November 22, 2001

Monica invites an old friend from high school to Thanksgiving who was even fatter than her. Will is thin and hot, but still holds an old grudge against Rachel from when she used to torture him in school. It comes out during dinner that Will and Ross formed the I Hate Rachel Green Club in high school, and spread a rumor that she was a hermaphrodite. Monica reminds an irate Rachel that Rachel spread a rumor about Ross kissing the elderly school librarian... which turned out to be true. Will thinks it's Ross's ultimate triumph that he got Rachel pregnant and isn't marrying her. Chandler and Phoebe manage to avoid helping out with preparing Thanksgiving dinner by pretending to be engrossed in a football game. Joey vows to finish the Thanksgiving turkey and manages to do... even though he has to turn a pair of Rachel's maternity pants into Thanksgiving pants.

#10 The One With Monica's Boots: Aired Thursday, December 6, 2001

Chandler is incensed when Monica spends a fortune on a pair of boots, so Monica keeps wearing them even though they're killing her feet. Phoebe tries to use Ross's son Ben to get tickets to a sold-out Sting concert. Rachel is put in the position of mediator when Joey's pregnant kid sister comes to her for help in talking to her brother.

#11 The One With Ross's Step Forward: Aired Thursday, December 13, 2001

Rachel's hormones are driving her to sexual distraction, and she finds herself attracted to every guy she meets. After Rachel hits on her new cute obstetrician during a checkup, Phoebe brings over a nerdy virgin to have sex with Rachel, but Rachel doesn't go for it. Rachel and Joey almost end up "doing it" but agree that it would be too strange. In order to save Monica from having to go out with his annoying boss, Doug, Chandler tells Doug that he and Monica broke up. Doug takes Chandler out to a strip club to comfort him, and Chandler stumbles home grateful that Monica is actually in his life. Mona suggests that she and Ross send out holiday cards together but Ross thinks that's moving their relationship a little fast. Ross and Mona end up having "the talk" about their relationship, and Ross overcompensates by giving her a key to his apartment as a symbol of their relationship moving forward. Since Ross wasn't prepared, it turns out he gave her his key to his apartment, so he has to get his locks changed in order to get in. Mona is confused by the fact that Ross gave her a key and then changed the locks, so to keep himself from having to explain, Ross tells Mona he loves her. Mona tells Ross she loves spending time with him too.

#12 The One Where Joey Dates Rachel: Aired Thursday, January 10, 2002

Rachel and Joey go out on a pretend date, but it starts bringing out feelings in Joey that he didn't know he had. Phoebe gives Monica and Chandler a Ms. Pac-Man game and disaster ensues. Ross is finally allowed to teach an honors class but its cross-town location means he must break land speed records just to get there on time.

#13 The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath: Aired Thursday, January 17, 2002

Chandler scoffs when Monica talks about how much she enjoys taking a long relaxing bath. Monica talks him into trying it himself, and he enjoys it so much that he starts stealing her baths. Joey tries to talk to Chandler, and later Monica, about his growing feelings for Rachel, but can't get the words out. They misinterpret and think Joey has a crush on Pheobe. Monica tells Phoebe, and Phoebe goes to tell Joey that they should risk their friendship, but she is surprised when she finds out he has a thing for Rachel. She assures Joey it's probably just a crush, and Joey feels better, but he still doesn't know what to do with his feelings. Phoebe tells Monica and Chandler they had the wrong girl. Rachel and Ross agree they don't want to know the sex of the baby and start fighting over names. Ross thinks Rachel peeked and the doctor's file when she suddenly agrees to one of his names for a girl that she originally didn't like. He calls the doctor and finds out that they're having a girl and tells Rachel who's happy to hear the news.

#14 The One With the Secret Closet: Aired Thursday, January 31, 2002

Joey starts feeling like he's taking away all the good fathery stuff from Ross when he gets to feel the baby kick for the first time, he takes Rachel to the hospital when she has Braxton-Hicks contractions, and he's the one who knows that she doesn't eat pickles anymore. Even though Joey is still harboring intense feelings for Rachel, he suggests that she move in with Ross so that Ross will stop missing out on stuff. Rachel moves out and Joey is left feeling very along. Phoebe finds out that Monica has been getting massages from someone else and is hurt. Monica explains that she thought it would be uncomfortable to have a friend doing her massage, but Phoebe talks her into giving it a try. Phoebe is the one who turns out to be uncomfortable, though, when Monica makes sex noises when she gets a massage. Chandler finds out that Monica has a secret locked closet in the apartment and he becomes obsessed with opening it. When he finally does, he realizes that it's Monica's secret messy storage, and she is horrified that he is finally seeing this side of her.

#15 The One With the Birthing Video: Aired Thursday, February 7, 2002

Chandler and Monica have a romantic Valentine's Day planned, but when Chandler accidentally views a birthing video meant for Rachel, both their libidos are quelled. Ross isn't quite able to tell Mona that Rachel has moved in, and when Mona finds out anyway, she dumps Ross. Phoebe lends Joey the happiest dog in the world to help cheer him up, but when Joey tells the dog all his problems, even the dog ends up depressed. Joey finally tells Ross how he feels about Rachel.

#16 The One Where Joey Tells Rachel: Aired Thursday, February 28, 2002

Once Ross recovers from the shock of finding out that Joey is in love with Rachel, he encourages Joey to tell Rachel and find out how she feels. Joey takes Rachel out to dinner and drops the bomb, but Rachel can't reciprocate. Phoebe starts dating a man who she thinks was meant to be Monica's soulmate, and Chandler isn't intimidated until Monica meets the guy and immediately hits it off with him. Chandler acts like a baby about it until he gets Monica alone and then tells her he won't stand in her way if she wants to be with her soulmate. Monica assures him that she doesn't believe in soulmates, and she loves Chandler and only Chandler.

#17 The One With the Tea Leaves: Aired Thursday, March 7, 2002

Rachel is sad that things are awkward between her and Joey, so she makes up a random story about how her boss wants to buy her baby so that they'll have something to talk about. What she doesn't count on is Joey going to her boss and threatening him, and she thinks she going to lose her job when she finds out that's exactly what Joey did. Luckily, her boss is so concerned about being PC that he apologizes to her for any misunderstanding that there might have been and gives her another month of paid maternity leave. Phoebe goes out on a date with a guy she's been seeing everywhere lately, and thinks that the universe must be putting them together, but she is horrified when the guy turns out to be a disgusting loser. She starts avoiding the places that she used to see him, and while going to a new dry cleaner's meets the real perfect guy who immediately asks her out for coffee. Ross tries to get his favorite shirt back from Mona's apartment while she's not there and ends up hiding behind her couch while she makes out with another man. Monica is forced to sort through all of her and Chandler's CDs when she realizes that Chandler never puts them back in the right cases.

#18 The One in Massapequa: Aired Thursday, March 28, 2002

The whole gang goes to Monica and Ross's parents' 35th anniversary party. Although Ross usually gives the toast at such gatherings, Monica is determined to do it this year and elicit the tears from the crowd that Ross usually gets so effortlessly. Monica crafts a tear-jerker of a toast, but there isn't a wet eye in the house. Then the Gellers ask Ross to do his usual toast, and Ross gives a reluctant off-the-cuff cheer that immediately has his parents tearing up. The Gellers tell all their friends that Ross and Rachel are married, and the soon-to-be-parents end up having a good time pretending for a night, telling the elaborate story of their small wedding on a cliff in Bermuda. Rachel is touched when Ross tells the story of how he proposed to her in the planetarium, and later tells him that if he had ever really done it, it would have been difficult for her to say no. Phoebe brings her new guy, Parker, to the party, and everyone is immediately annoyed by how up-beat and radically positive Parker is about everything. Finally, even Phoebe loses her patience with him and kicks him out of her apartment... only to have him come back and rave about what a great fight they had.

#19 The One With Joey's Interview: Aired Thursday, April 4, 2002

Clip Show. Joey is thrilled when his name is used as a clue in the Soap Opera Digest crossworld puzzle, but he is reluctant to let the magazine do a profile of him after his last interview got him written out of his previous gig on "Days of Our Lives." Eager to see her own name in print, Rachel persuades him to change his mind, but Joey insists that all of his friends there to make sure he doesn't blurt out the wrong thing again -- triggering a trip down memory lane for all of them. Joey almost makes it through the interview without saying anything stupid, but at the very end he tells his interviewer he doesn't watch soap operas himself because he has a life. The only way he can get her not to include that quote is to sleep with her.

#20 The One With the Baby Shower: Aired Thursday, April 25, 2002

Joey has an audition to be a game show host, so he gets Ross and Chandler to help him rehearse. Although they all originally find the game confusing, and Chandler thinks it's incredibly lame, they end up getting into it and deciding it's the greatest game on earth. When Joey goes in for his audition incredibly well-prepared, he's upset to find out that the producers have turned the game into a simple quiz show because they decided it was too confusing. Meanwhile, Monica and Phoebe host Rachel's baby shower, and at the last minute realize they forgot to invite Rachel's mother, Sandra. Monica invites Sandra at the last minute, and then spends the rest of the shower feeling bad that Sandra is mad at her. Meanwhile, Sandra decides that she should move in with Rachel and Ross for eight weeks when the baby is born to help take care of it. At first, Rachel is insistent that she doesn't need her mother living with her, but when she starts to open her shower presents and doesn't even know what some of them are for, she realizes that she really does need her mother. Ross is perturbed at the news, and reminds Rachel and Sandra that he already has a son and knows how to take care of baby. Sandra agrees that she doesn't need to move in and Rachel buckles down to study more about baby care.

#21 The One With the Cooking Class: Aired Thursday, May 2, 2002

Monica's restaurant gets a terrible review in the paper, so Monica goes to the cooking school where the reviewer works to demand that he taste her bouillabaise again. When he still doesn't like it, Monica is heart-broken, but she boosts her ego by becoming the star student of a beginning cooking class. Rachel admits she jealous when Ross starts dating an aggressive baby supply store clerk, but she claims that she doesn't want to date Ross herself, she just wants him to be at her beck and call. Ross agrees to not date and stay with her all the time because she's having their baby. Phoebe helps Chandler not be a goof for a job interview, and he almost pulls it off, but when the interviewer tells him that he's basically got the position he lets his guard down and acts like an idiot.

#22 The One Where Rachel is Late: Aired Thursday, May 9, 2002

Joey can only bring one friend to his movie premiere, and so he picks Chandler because Chandler has always been so supportive of him and his career. Joey is furious when Chandler falls asleep during the movie, and decides he's going to pay Chandler back for all the monetary support so that he won't feel indebted. When they add up everything that Chandler has done for Joey over the years, Joey realizes it's just easier to forgive his friend for falling asleep during his premiere. Rachel is past her due date and there's no sign of relief. She shares her misery with her friends by being in a foul mood. Monica and Phoebe start placing daily bets on when Rachel might give birth, and Monica keeps losing. Rachel's doctor recommends some home remedies for inducing labor including herbal teas, long walks, spicy foods, and sex. Ross helps Rachel with all of them except sex, because he thinks it would be crossing a line in their relationship. Finally, Rachel's mood is so lousy that he'll do anything to make her start labor. As they begin kissing, Rachel's water breaks.

#23 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Aired Thursday, May 16, 2002

After 21 hours of labor and five roommates, including Chandler's ex-girlfriend Janice, Rachel gives birth to a baby girl. Monica gives up the name she's been saving for her own future baby girl and Rachel and Ross's child is named Emma. Both Rachel and Ross agonize over the status of their relationship, and Ross's mother gives him his grandmother's engagement ring just in case. Joey, while comforting a post-partum depressed Rachel, finds Ross's ring. Rachel mistakes Joey's surprised pose for a proposal and accepts. With some encouragement from Phoebe, Ross heads to Rachel's hospital room with a bouquet of flowers. Monica and Chandler decide they're ready to start trying for their own baby and have some difficulties finding some privacy in the hospital while waiting for Rachel to give birth. Phoebe meets a cute guy in the hospital who broke his leg, and has Joey impersonate Dr. Drake Remoray to find out more information about him.

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